Sunday, October 28, 2012

treasure the moments

 there was some new hair styling to be done
songs to be sung
people to chat to
running some ideas past
friends to see
planning a riBer trip
who when & how
then sunshine in the park .... our local
 a family birthday with cake & candles
(what child picks the lollies off &then refuses to eat them as they were covered in icing??)
two aunties played i spy with a nearly 1 year old niece
she was quite taken with the yellow school bus
 there was cricket to be played
was actually a first for our boy
he watched & then joined in
he bowled ... over arm i tell you ... 
1st bowl ... a wicket!!
you should have heard the crowd cheer!!
lovely day
hope you enJOYed your journey today


Karen said...

Looks like a gorgeous day Wendy - yay for Oscar - his Dad may one day be watching him at the MCG, opening the bowling.
His batting stance looks pretty good too...

Cas said...

what a lovely way to spend the day :) i stupidly got stuck in the garden. now hurting a little, but at least i got my vitamin D fix :) cute clip too :)