Wednesday, October 10, 2012

play time

love all the creative play
my boy gets into
tapping into it

giving it all a good old press
lego delivered by the dump truck to the loading bay
(that's my new-to-me elna press of which i need to make a new cover for & give a good old clean!)

& frying up an egg-y storm
gently cracking the eggs open
separating yolk from white ... because not everyone enjoys the "yellow"
complete with a little fry pan wiggle just like jamie would!
(he must have seen someone do all that!? me? really? do i do all that?)
some more lovely creative inventive child's play


Cas said...

yay yay yay, more kids doing a la it :)

Karen said...

It has been a play kind of week hasn't it! Those eggs are great and I love that tap tap game, it was at kinder when I was a kid. (yep it's old!)