Wednesday, October 3, 2012

hatching play ...

 truly splendid morning & picnic lunch 
at a lovely park which is walking distance from home
up the secret stairs
to the place where the tram runs wild
stopping at places like the zoo, our house & "the shops"
ding ding ding
there are great places for hide & seek 
loved the warmth of sunshine & a play & a catch up
Oscar here with little Miss G 
hoping these eggs might hatch sometime soon
.... apparently they are baby rosella chicks!
thanks for a fun morning in the sun
'twas just what i needed ....

... so part 1 of day 3 of Blogtoberfest 
hope you've all had a wonderful day!?


Katherine said...

We have had a wonderful day too dear Wendy! Sunshine is so good for the soul!

Bronwyn said...

I too have lovely memories of sitting on the eggs at the parrot playground.

Karen said...

Such a fun day, thanks for sharing your secret steps with us, they were the first thing Grandma heard about on arrival! I hope all those birds are going to live at your place once they hatch, I dont think I could fit them all in!
Cute pic of Miss G, knees and all...