Monday, October 8, 2012

let's play "i spy" ....

once upon a time a very long time ago
we lived in a different house with its walls of many colours
the world of blogging was all anew
the idea of a swap was so inspiring - still is
& this little hARTy blogger joined in an "i spy" swap with Care
she will admit she has a "full blown i spy addiction"
 & thus began an inspiration ...
 you see .... this started me on a road
which led to hosting an "i spy" swap myself ...
way back here

 t'was great fun & i really should do something like it again
here i am such a long time after
& am finally at the finish!
binding has been hand stitched on ...

 all ready it has been played with
sat on, cuddled under & "spied" a-plenty
(i still have the small rainbow version to complete ... )

now it did start an inspiration
the Prayers & Squares Group at ABC
have used this idea many many times
over the last few years when a prayer quilt for a child has been requested
the very first one they made was as a silent auction item
at our very first Playful Market
lovely hey ....

i also made a couple .... with great assistance from my bloggy friend Bron ...
for the primary schools' libraries earlier this year
when we went on a mission trip to Ambon, Indonesia

so i'm feeling like this little journey has ended & yet it is just beginning
"i spy with my little eye .... something beginning with ... ?"
or how it currently goes ..... i spy a .....
 ..... matador
yellow school buses
a pirate
snow flakes
cup cakes
scottie dogs
a mermaid
tennis balls
lady birds
& french horns ????


Bronwyn said...

Love it! Great border print too! Does O love playing it? I would.

Cas said...

yay, great achievement. looks awesome.

Karen said...

Oh wow, whenever I have looked at this quilt I hadn't noticed how you graduated the colours like that - it really is a fabulous quilt - hours of fun in there.

Kylie said...

It looks great. Well done. I love the spotty fabric too. My mum made one for Amelia when she was 2 and it is still loved.

Wendy said...

Wow, what a fabulous quilt, i could spend hours looking at it!

Judy said...

Yay you have finished it. It is amazing and the colors look fantastic.

Care said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! You finished it! And it looks amazing!! Hooray for I-Spy and I-Spy OBSESSION! :oD

That border print is absolute PERFECTION!