Friday, March 2, 2012

Pencil Rolls ... all 22 started & finished!

so much to an awesome bunch of girls
for helping make these pencil rolls!

 so yep all finished up on a friday!!!
so joining in for finish it up friday with crazy mom quilts
if you'd like to make your own sweet little pencil roll
then have a look here
... i wrote you all a tutorial & an explanation
as to why we've made this a group effort & so many??!
also joining in MAKE:GROW:THRIFT
with the Haby Goddess again this week ...
has been one of my MAKE projects this week ...
thanks again to:
we made
22 pencil rolls
2 hours
7 girls
5 machines
2 irons
2 bottles of rose
1 water soluble marker pen
(my only mistake was not having another pen!)
its was a really great time
& we were so productive
what's next?
messenger bags?
i spy patchworky mini quilts?
any ideas
working on it!
but thankyou
and we missed you
Sam, Karen, Cath & Kate
will take some better pics
of all our work tomorrow
when the sun comes up 
& they are dry from all the water spray!

... out takes .... great fun!
you make me smile like the sun

... hey i adore comments!
love to hear your thoughts ....


Karen said...

Oh well done you got them all finished. Record time too. I saw the other post before this one!!

Nicole said...

Wow! 22 done! That's amazing!

Cas said...

was good fun, any time you need another working bee, count me in wendy :)

Lotti said...

awesome job

Tiff said...

How fantastic! They look great, what wonderful helpers! X

Maria said...

Such impressive organisation! Those pencil rolls look great! Did the 2 bottles of rose help much? lol

Anonymous said...

I am so sad i missed it! I will definitely be there next time. Well done on finishing them all! Just waiting to hear your next wonderful idea and lets do another working bee! xxx Sam