Thursday, February 21, 2013


what is it about hindsight that demands our gratefulness?
i used this very idea today when chatting to a friend
i know its not at all settling to have it said to you
in fact it can be really irritating
particulary when you're in the midst of the storm
but you know its true!
 some hindsight from my past...
i'm now thankful that i had an incompetent leader  
one factor in my 
decision making to resign from teaching way back
or perhaps i may still been there?
no one wishes to be the one not 'moving' forward
if that hadn't been then i may not have grown
i would never have worked for & with my father in his business
i would never have had the amazing sales
motivating leading business experience that is the great world of Tups
or those precious friends i have because of it all
i'm grateful for all those experiences
for teaching for small business & for design

& also we needed the 'no pressure' in our 'own time'
thing going on with all the ivf back then
that all would have been next to impossible if i'd still been teaching
in fact i was thinking that had we had a baby straight off the mark
way back then .... well we'd have a 10+yr old now
i'm sure our story would be very different
i doubt i'd be writing a blog
i doubt we'd have entertained moving countries
we'd most likely be still living where we were
& it was never quite the 'right' fit for me
so we probably would not have moved house
we wouldn't have the same 'in-common' connections with friends we do now
we've actually been in our new-to-us home
for 2 years now ... can't quite believe that!
that's half my blogging life ...
if we hadn't moved we probably would have 'moved-on' from ABC
it was starting to seem like that should be what came next
but you know ... God has it in his control
(doesn't seem like its a fair ride alot of the time!)
so with this hindsight
hmm ... well if we'd moved to a completely different suburb 
which was the intended
then our timing & refreshed efforts & contributions 
at ABC would not have been
so that would mean no Playful Market or "full circle"
nor would have a whole host of new friendships
prob no trip to Ambon or time doing Playgroup
we are so thankful for our enriched lives 
full of the thread of people intertwined
in the 'moving home' we were seeking some new adventure
re-starting somewhere we'd like to be for a long long time
settling into roots for Oscar & his education
community & friends
hindsight clicks over in the recesses of my thinking
it says ...."you see ...
the struggle to 'have'
what you think you are looking for
is not always the intended journey
looking back however it is often
what 'now' you realise
what was required ..."
so yeah enJOY your journey
those rolls of thunder make those sun shiny happy days
seem even more brighter

free spirit

i adore this little boy of ours
love his free spirit
he notices the littlest of things
he's into detail ... that's my boy!
run free like the snowy mountain brumbies
live it your way
.... & PS ... ooops
missed my 4 year blog-a-versary the other week
i'm not sure i've really left the 'procrastinating' behind me? 
.... 1st ever post
but will keep trying!
enJOY your journey

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

thrifty finds

some summer time
country town
thrifty finds
never used indian scarves
liberty serving tray originally marked at 50 pounds!
english-made happy sunflower small platter
some silver-wear-with-anything earings
a few tups tumblers also never used
lucky there's a green one whew!
seriously awesome velvety orange lamp shade
shape puzzle, oh i love these
another awesome retro coloured glass jar for my collection
a drop cake vintage baking tray for my market display with just the right kind of patina
wire & bead ball puzzle
some amazingly well preserved circa 1950's & 60's dress patterns
thankyou Miss M Beath sized 34" pattern 5769
named & dated in cursive 4th Dec 1950
& more ... more tups & crochet hooks
dominoes & triominos
an excellent condition fleecy backed quilt
& i just can't go past some richard scary ....

Friday, February 15, 2013

swing it sister

back last spring ... i started making a little scrappy quilt for a friend
 & over the summer what now seems likes an age ago
i finally actually finished it ... & some other binding finishes too ...
 pearle 8 thread of course
some favourite scraps to spot
free form of course
it says thankyou for your kindness your generous spirit your graceful heart
your listening ear your thoughtful words your wisdom & cheer
so sit on that swing any time in your mind
let the breeze pass by let the world slip away
kick up your heels & absorb each gentle movement
listen to the sound of the waves rolling in ....
somewhere to just be you with thoughts of the day
 ..... how to 'get there?' ... oh you know the way!
.... hang about in that beautiful place .... on that swing
thankyou my friend xo

love sewn in many stitches

 how do you go about
doing what you love?
i know you know that i sew for fun & for fun-ds
i 'sew' enJOY this journey ...
you see i like making & the challenge is always on
to make some item more refined or quirky-er
or to 'move on' to some new idea ... love it
 the trick is to be sure i'm sewing for the love of it
i've always said that the second its not fun anymore i will move on
..... no don't get worried! ... i still love it
i have decided to 'move on' from a few items 
... mainly the larger, bulky items that quite simply require more storage space
.... but seems that this whole love affair with bunting is not over!
over the last few weeks i have cut & sewn & pressed
100's & 100's of triangles
oh & I cut & made more last night
trying to get ahead of the game here ...
so do you like bunting?
do you make or have you made bunting?
you could always use my bunting tutorial ....
what do you think of a 'kit' idea ...
yeah i might get my act together to make some kits
stay tuned i guess
bunting coming soon to my online shop
but in the mean time ... there are some other lovely items over there
if you comment here & then buy i might just be able to pop in some kind of cute surprise too!!
 & there have been more of my trademark lovely bamboo blankets
those 'LOVE" ones are super sized ...
like those?? i can help you with that!

 oh & then of course i am constantly making binding as well
you know i have a crush on all things 'well bound' ...
so there has of course been more muslin wrap making

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

bamboo wonderland

 i've been about but sort of in a little bloggy slump
'peacing' up some blog posts ....
so back into it after a slow start to 2013
but i have been busy sewing lots

this slice of wonderland has long time been saved
saved for a special matching quilt for a new born baby ....
.... meet little  'Kate' ... she is tiny ... & oh so lovely
born to special friends of ours...
.... her big sister was born back here
& here also ....her sister's finished basinette sized hand stitched quilt
... so with another baby girl born....
i just had to make her a matching
wonderland bamboo blanket number

  oh & do you spot that sweet little 0000 suit
the suit was made for her big sister back then too
with some last scraps of a favourite fabric
do you like the little flower on the bottom?
look at her all curled up on my shoulder
thanks for my cuddle Miss Kate
your are most definitely named after a very great lady!!