Wednesday, October 3, 2012

animal parade ...

i've hung onto this set of mix-up animals
for a long time ....
the hippo - the giraffe - the crocodile - the zebra
the kangaroo - the rhino - the camel
they connect together .... 2D to 3D
Oscar picked up the hang of putting these together really quickly
i think i showed him how to connect the
head onto the zebra body & he was off & busy
.... the fun thing will be making them all into crazy creatures
another time .... a hiparaffe or a kangmel or a crocorous??
 they are quite large as you can see in these photos
.... this all evolved into a great time
taking each animal outside to have its 'portrait' taken
photos by me
styling by the 4 year old

thus was part 2 of day 3 Blogtoberfest ... thanks for stopping by!
giveaway coming soon ...


Cas said...

they look like lots of fun :)

Kylie said...

How cute are they. Hours of fun at your place and lots of adventures to be had.

Karen said...

These are ace Wendy, and huge! I'd particularly like to see a zebrocerouos!!