Thursday, April 29, 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow ....

Spent the week feeling not like my usual self ....
I have thought of lots of things to blog about but I keep coming back to telling a story.
Our little boy Oscar who is only a month off turning 2years old is an IVF baby.
Every baby born is special but you can appreciate I am sure, that for us he is an extra treasure.
We've been keen to at least have one more off-spring in our lives ....
So the past month+ I've been back on the program ...
Falling pregnant with Oscar really didn't take all that long in the end for us on IVF as there are many many couples out there who take a long time, have a lot of complications & some never do.
My heart bleeds for those people.

The last week you'll notice I've been silent really ... so this may explain ...
Every conception has a story & I am sure that many of you have amazing ones too!
So if you feel inclined say a little prayer for our embryos which are currently in the capable hands of the experts .... doing their thing, dividing nicely into a multitude of cells & growing stronger every hour!
Later this week I'll have x2 implanted & from there its a normal waiting time ...

My little artist .... Oscar's first painting:
To fill in some more of my life's story .... for over 10 years I was an Art Teacher to K3 - Yr3 children in one of Melbourne's top private schools. I loved that role & there are lots of parts of it that I miss ... so Oscar will have lots of creative opportunities!
I strongly believe that your children should observe their parents being creative & be a part of being creative in the home together and solo. This will help keep those creative juices flowing!

I adore all wooden lovely learning tools .... this is a current favourite:
So a rainbow reminds us there is always HOPE ...
... and you know what ... I hope & pray this dream will come true ... I trust it will ... in so many ways it already has!
This week as a result .... Oscar has however watched far too much TV for my liking & is slightly obsessed with all things TRAINS .... this is the thrifty fancy animal one found the week before last!!!
My favourite is the simple wooden one of course!
top image ... experimenting with little stitches ....
organic lines etc

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thrifty find ..... No5

... all for just $16 Aussie ...
Great big mug type tea cups ... perfect!
Trains & Trucks ...
prolific words used in our house these days
...& spotted when we are out & about!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Red & Aqua BLOCK Swap 2010 No2

My collection is growing!
We had a great time on Friday night!

Thanks WS for hosting ... & everyone bringing some show & tell!

Katherine, Bronwyn & Cathy we missed you!
Louey apparently now makes it on Sam's "A" list! I don't! Huh!
She helped her finish those damn cute Whirly Gigs ...
Love your T shirt bouquet Kylie ... you'd better get a photo of all those cute flowers!
These two inspire me & I wish I could hang out with them more often!
I'll be watching your space Lizzie!
This is not such a glamorous moment but no matter!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flowers for a 6 Year old!

So a little friend of ours turned 6 today ...
She was given a specially made gift from another friend who happens to be part of our R&A Block Swap .... Yay the-very-clever-never-stops-blogless-Kylie!
Kylie recently went on a weekend workshop with Kellie ... at Sewjourn ... where she met Leah who is now also in our R&A Block Swap .... did you get all that?
Oh how I would like to have gone too ...
Kylie made this especially for the 6 year old!
Isn't she such a 'Lucky Girl!!!'
Awesome Kylie .....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocking the Jelly!

My Mum's a bit clever ... well she's followed Camille's "Jelly Filled" & created this little Figgy Pudding (minus the really Christmas-y fabrics!) version as a prayer quilt made by our Ashburton BC 'Prayers & Squares' for my SIL in PA ....
Ann is due to have their 3rd baby at the end of May but due to her major heart issues is on strict bed rest .... my Mum is over there playing 'Mum' & doing lots of stuff for them to help the household continue to run! I am sure she is also enjoying spending time with F & H too!
Aren't the colours in this quilt lovely ... suits A&A's home and looks so adorable all draped like over their front porch rocking chair!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Cute Cute ...
I'm kind of proud of this little Mousey Mat ...
Had to do something about the nasty black being rubbed onto my newly painted table from the underneath of the generic mouse pad!
That generic mouse pad is now trapped inside!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little stitches ....

Some time spent during Easter
working the last of the little stitches
... as Oscar says "" !!!!
Its his 'next size up' toddler bed quilt!
Just the binding now to go ...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bound and Gagged!

All 8 of these have been hauntingly calling my name for a long time now .... Binding done .... tick! Hope you enjoyed some time with family over our season of Easter .... ?
There was some respite digging done in the sands by the Murry of course!