Monday, March 16, 2009

Time . . . indoors @ Home & the Cabin

Rain - How wonderful . . . & a good soaking!
Indoors with Craig & Oscar . . .
a drive up the Northern Hwy to our lovely cabin . . .
. . . Life is v good!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Treasured, Used . . . & Inspired

Its so tempting when you bring home a NEW, wonderfully treasured fabric . . . . fresh, virgin, tactile, brimming full of expectation & possibilities . . . it's almost terrifying! . . . so tempting to just leave it as it is!
So Lara . . . . I promised it wouldn't end up in my stash!

These didn't make it past the ironing board!
isn't everyone's ironing bo
ard their design table???

And a new toy - the darning foot . . . oh how my world has changed . . .

You see, yesterday Oscar & I with no car, set out for "The Show" - the stitches & craft show of course! A Bus ride & a few trains later . . . a great adventure! Great to briefly meet some of the faces behind the wonderful blogs such as "ink & spindle", "cheeky beaks" & "aunty cookie" . . . chats as brief as they were . . . . & mostly of course to see their creations in real life . . . touch & feel etc
Oscar & were both exhausted last night but it was a great day . . . think he loved the movie documentary "Handmade Nation" the best, as I let him crawl & 'furniture surf' his way about the rows of seats! Came home with dirty feet!(Oscar that is, not me!) Oh what a wonderful life it is. My cup runneth over!

"Handmade Nation" created by Faythe Levine is an excellent comment on the re-newed craft movement in the USA. It still applies here. The change in the populations attitude towards owning something handmade, something unique that no one else has. Something with personality. I have stepped away a little from my own ideas on making to be individual & it has been excellent timing to find myself gravitating back to what I know to be a huge part of my personality! Yay to find that spark again. Stepped out of that vacuum!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Simpler Life

Family life with one car means that we have stay at home days.
Fine by me, as it makes life simple
Simple is good!

So we have play time . . .
for Oscar
& for Mummy!