Monday, May 27, 2013

little bit of green love .....

well there may have been some 'partying' about these parts
a detailed post will come soon
thought i'd sneak in first with my
mother-of-the-birthday-boy skirt!
its a 'key' outfit to be noted on the day - but of course!!
there was some kind of topical green theme
going on ....
made by my very talented friend for her smallest
..... cool huh!
 so on the green theme & riding my recently re-ignited inspiration
for making clothes for myself .... & having just completely
re-sorted my entire fabric stash
... well there was this green cord that i have been hoarding
for longer than i care to admit ....
not enough for the entire skirt ..... but
 i do love a spot of problem solving
... bring on a great graphic b&w contrast panel & some black denim
there you go .... & 'had' to be finished all before church yesterday
as it was the plan to wear it ... yep
 .... um, might have been a few mins late!
another of Nikki's A line skirts ...
it sits nicely on me & i like the cut
& my invisible zipper was almost invisible!!
oh .... and
do you like the way those sneaky numbers smuggled their way into the facing??
bit of fun ... just for me to see ... but shhhh now you know too!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

apple of my eye

 so i'm joining in a little fundraising art exhibition
hosted by the framers where i do my ... framing, yep!
this is actually the first time in a long time that i have....
framed some of my own work

 do you remember this piece ?
was one of my pieces for our 'full circle' project
back last year .... well above is a sweet little water colour version
i'm quietly pleased with this outcome & it looks great framed up in white
the other piece ...
is a classic tree .... all silver trunked
a topic i love ....
works are for sale
in fact if you'd like to join me at the opening tomorrow eve
then you are more than welcome!
edit ....... SOLD

fundraising for the Mirabel Foundation
Art Exhibition is at the
1297-99 High Street Malvern

Opening Night Friday 24th May
Open 25th May - 2nd June
Mon- Fri 11am-2pm
Sat&Sun 11am-4pm

more than 80 works of art for viewing & for sale

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

heart the craft: on b&w

heART the craft
a collection, or a single favourite image or idea
this is no.4
 home is where the heART is
isn't it?
love this 'pintrested' image
from 'kinderpendent' but can't find it's original source
great use of this fabulous ikea black & white fabric
i have a great stash of this ... just waiting

... i'm generally not into encouraging kids to 'colour in' someone else's image
but these images are so simple & they are kidd-ish without dictacting
that 'this-is-the-only-way-you-should-draw-a-house' .....
i love the creative play element as well
& they'd be simple enough to make it a learning sewing project
maybe mix it up & not use the 'traditional' primary colours plus green
yep ....

colour ... so yeah, here i am saying i like the way its used ....
sparingly with black & white .... um
generally i'd say that using colour in this simplistic way is conforming
& kind of sticking to the 'safe' side ...
or not taking advantage of the wonderful way that 
a colour responds to another colour
but i think these house graphics call for simplicity
.... might let you all 'in on' what i think about 
colour & using neutrals sometime soon....
(post on colour per request coming soon-ish!)
and when talking colour & environments for children
'well' .... i do have a few thoughts on that too

so anyway back to these funky houses ....
love all the colourful front doors
what colour is your front door??
we have a very conservative charcoal denim one ....
our previous home had a plum purple that i adored
my parents have a very happy bright yellow gloss
might change ours someday ...
but not yet .... will play it safe for a while longer!

you can always have a read on 
my thoughts re: children & drawing
over here .... that is while you're waiting for my
rant all about colour use!

Monday, May 20, 2013

a golden sewjourn

sewjourn certainly has a golden glow
went there with Karen & Lara
... met an awesome bunch of girls
 different but just as lovely time away
the walking foot had an evening out
with a couple of quilts
one on behalf of my mum (little elephants just below)
is a wip - a post will be forthcoming
the other a real recent favourite (1st pic)
then some secret Lorax piecing!
for a little boy who is turning 5 very very soon
he adores the Lorax ... both the Dr Suess' book & the movie
in fact, its the whole party theme!
stay tuned for this post too ...
'twas a rather grey day in Lancefield on saturday
all warm & cosy tucked in the studio
 .... everyone busy & machines humming
quite inspired by all the ideas really
a heartful thankyou to you all these girls ...
for both including me so warmly in on your special
sewjourn hideaway 
& also for all your encouragement & patient answers ....
you see ....
i'm a lucky girl .... as i have a new toy
my new janome overlocker
kind of a request for mother's day 
with some additional market funds making it possible
(excuse the very relaxed attire .... not loving this pic of me but keeping it real here!
still, a thankyou to Karen for capturing the moment!)

 i'm buzzing with ideas now
seriously had the most amazing time
learning & reminding myself how
satisfying it is to sew yourself clothing
that suits, that is a great fit 
& that really didn't cost all that much to make
 so my world has shifted
with a new appeal towards
wearing handmade that i've actually made
& for knits!! yep ...
two .... two Sewaholic Renfrew Short sleeve tops
had the advantage of trying one on for size last week!
i made one silky purple-y (below)
& the other (not pictured) a deep purple/blue!
(i know i know did i say blue .... more purple-ish but yeah ... )
i made myself a Style Arc Laura dress
which fits me nicely & i will model it for you soon
what was so invaluable was Lara's stash of previously made garments
so generously brought along so that they could be tried on for fit!
& with her advice i tweaked it to my body shape
.... started off with a much longer hem line 
& then decided shorter was the way to go!
there were also some green comfy pants
or pj's really pattern by Make it Perfect
& there was enough of the grey&black knit fabric
left over from the dress that i made a
single layer version of the Style Arc Fay skirt
again i had the chance to try on Lara's & Rachel's for fit!
thanks so much ladies!
& the awesome spotty stretch denim above
i also have another one of these started
so all i need to do is hop to it & perfect
the whole invisible zipper thing .... working on it!!
but these fit so nicely too ...
 sunday was a glorious shiny happy golden autumn day
a wonderful treat
a steep & very exciting learning curve!
love the journey
& enJOYed getting to know my
traveling companions for the weekend

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

gift-y goodies

 if you've not been to the Canterbury Primary School Art Show
make a mental note for early May next year
alongside the Art Show they host a Gift Shop of excellent quality
 its a 'by invitation' kind of thing .... was there last year too!
wonderful atmosphere
thankyou Canterbury families
for loving all my hARTylittlepeaces

 so from a few weeks back when most of these were still
little wip's .... here they are stashed in the gift shop!
love the pic above of the 2 girls studying each notebook carefully
mother's day gift perhaps??
yep ...
edit .... did i mention that all my painted brooches & dolly pins & clips
all SOLD OUT .... yep!