Sunday, October 27, 2013

pretend sewing

very sweet 'toy' sewing machine
pintrested an age ago
but love it & after the post on friday about fp
had to follow up with this
there is even a tutorial
about how to make it
it does require a few special pieces
cute huh!
so yep ...
i have a heap of smocks to make
should have had them made 3 weeks ago ...
they are all cut out
just haven't made a start with the sewing bit!
mmm .... today is the day!
that way i might be able to
actually blog about something
i've um ..... yeah ... made!

Friday, October 25, 2013

little people

got to get myself back on a machine
adore this vintage little people person
must get back & sew something
 i have quite a collection of little people
well of course its Oscar's but you know
it's mine also ... but none of it is real vintage
except the very cool airport we have
do have some fp anniversary reproduced vintage
.... that amazing collection is at my parents house
do you remember playing with these?
mmm .... might 'need' to find one of these cute
sewing girls ...
cute poster hey?
can't find its original source
think it may have been a seller on etsy
but .... spotted here

Thursday, October 24, 2013

blogtober ...ooops?

 so on the surface
it does look like i've dropped the blogtober ball
kind of yes .... as in this makes post number 11 out of 24
mmmm not good stats huh!?
 i'm not one for excusing away all my life choices
can't stand that
but i have my reasons
i do write two blogs these days
right here and over here at little smARTy's
so 11 posts here plus another 5 over there 
makes the stats slightly better for blogtober
 oh & i've been starting up a small business
just mentioning that in case you missed it!?
teaching art in some form everyday!
loving it
meet the rainbow jelly babies

 and then there's social media
on which i now manage 4 pages
& i've picked up my pintrest-ing
& have been told that instagram is it @littlesmartysstudio
& been sprouking myself where its the right fit
so yep .... think i'm doing just fine
 add to the list
a market visit
exhibition dreaming
our playful market organising
our girls weekend away
being mum & wife & friend ....
there's a yard sale looming
a fair to bake for
i love having a full enriched life
no lemons on me right now!
my cup runneth over
so maybe my blogtober is more of flogtober or what-tober?
bad pun i know but its kinda true
forgive me .... who else will tell them if i don't hey!?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

spring thrifting

weekend just past
went to our riBer
with a couple of girls
with whom i have shared the journey
of what is motherhood thus far
lovely time lisa & cassy & we missed you naden
 saturday morning just 'had' to be
an op shop hop

yes that would be quite the haul hey
included here is a new-to-me 1980's
heavy metail janome sewing machine
that no ... was not found in an op shop
but my 'personal shopper' found it for me
on buy-swap-sell
lucky me hey ....
oh & there's an embriodery hoop in there as well
might come in handy  ..... for something circle-y
thanks for an awesome weekend girls

Thursday, October 17, 2013

full circle - Hope: in unlikely places

 so here is all the info
if you are remotely creative
or crafty
or arty
this is for YOU ....
the theme for this full circle is:
HOPE: in unlikely places

.... now this of course could lead into the idea
that this exhibition will be hung over advent but
really its all up to the individual's interpretation

so a circle
of some form
its really that simple

we've had plants & text & music
& collage & patchwork
& stencil printing & painting
& drawing & silk inks
& screen printing
& plaster & stitching
& photography & felting
& construction & crochet
..... anything goes
I keep saying ...
"its really not about talent
its about joining in"
so come on & join in!!

the below piece was made by the lovely Maryanne
who lives in Sydney ..... see you do not need to be local!
titled: "Paper weights"
this is a personal favourite of mine
& i thought it might suggest something of 
the theme this time ....

perfectly timed so that from right now you have 
5 weeks
now that is plenty of time
so go on & get those creative juices flowing
if you'd like more info
or to have me email you this flyer
as a PDF i'm happy to oblige
if you'd like to join in & help us tell the world then go for it
blog chat write
join us on facebook too!! & share ...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

full circle .... around again

last year's huge success
of our first
full circle 
left me in awe of the way as humans
sometimes we just need the prompt or the avenue
to express ourselves
& really ..... we should have the confidence to do this always

visual statements
in the form of a ... yes .... a circle
the theme was simple
"full circle"

we had 67 entries
multi aged & a good mix of gender
from all over, including interstate
many were for sale
it was wonderful to walk through
a delight to be part of

every full circle art work was carefully photographed
& keren created a book of memories & prayers
every full circle piece .... a stunning collection

here it is ... some of my favourite pages
and guess what!??
its happening again & you can be part of it
do join in ....  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

colourful crafty hijinks

weeks have sailed by
and i haven't mentioned
some crafty hijinks
hosted by Jodie & Gilly
in the sweet victorian country town
of ballarat ....
day trip with Karen & Bron
met up with a host of bloggers
lots of whom are quickly becoming great friends
that's the thing about blogging & reading blogs
there may not be a lot of time spent face to face
but when you do catch up you feel like
you're 'up with' what's been going on
most especially what's been in the 'making'
it feels a bit odd at first actually
but its good, very good

was the most excellent adventure
for a spot of indoor picnic-ing ....
chatted with Lara & Bec & Nicole & Breanna & Cam
& Cathie & met lots of lovely new faces
& we missed you Anna!

there were door prizes & raffles 
& all the performance of a stage-full of pass-it-on-crafty-goodies
took stuff
came home with new stuff
good stuff too!
thank you for sharing people

oh & there were some quick little workshops too
Jodie chatted about rag rug making
Bec ran us through hexies
& me .... little hands on workshop & chat
about using colour 
& being
with colour on colour
tried to encourage everyone to choose the interesting road
suggested 3 colour combo 'recipes'
1 - choose any three colours all in a row 
from the colour wheel
2 - choose opposite colour on the colour wheel
complementary colours
3 - look at nature
the world we live in just never gets it 'wrong'
.... and of course
i always like to 'tweak it' 
.... add a little colour on a small scale that's subtle 
yet powerful to contrast it all
thanks for a fabulous day everyone
looking forward to another

always a great day when you connect with other crafty/arty types
speaking of connecting
if you're reading here
i always love your comments
its just 'nice' to know who you are & ...
well .... connect! xo

Sunday, October 13, 2013

global sew-in for Days for Girls

friday just gone was the
international day of the girl child
so we're talking about about half our world's
population that either is one or was one once .... a girl child
you 'need' to go & browse on this web site
if you haven't already?
 sew .... on friday
and-so-i-sew & i got a whole lot 
of sewing & non-sewing friends together
& we sewed, turned, traced, pressed, stitched,
over locked, trimmed, basted, flipped etc
& ate chocolate cake!

it was our goal to make
40 kits
in each washable Days for Girls kit there are:
2 shields (x40=80), 8 liners (x40=320), a pair of under pants (sizes 10,12,14or 16)
a face washer, a hotel sized soap bar, 2 one gallon Ziploc freezer bags,
pictorial instructions .... all in a drawstring bag
these kits are designed to last up to 3 years with proper care

Every girl. Everywhere. Period.

a liner is tucked into a shield, which is 'snapped' around the under pants
hope no one is shy here? ... 
guess those people have stopped reading this post before now!?
.... all about providing girls with re-useable hygiene kits for their period 
.... which in turn will mean they attend more school 
that hopefully means they stay in school longer 
& understand their value to not be exploited 
& how to maintain better feminine hygiene 

why do i feel strongly about this being a 'great need' & a 'worthy cause'
probably because of that proverb about a fish
... mentioned back here
 but there's more to it than that even
i'm the mother of a boy whom within i am aiming
to foster a deep empathy for others
a world view of the great divide between have & have-nots
an attitude of equality
respect for all peoples
and a great respect for women & girls
that he might grow to become a well-rounded young man
who might just move his own mountains
i believe that many of our world's 'issues' lie
in the greed & addictions of humans
if i can teach my own son & encourage others to do the same
then maybe just maybe we might get somewhere?
that's not to say that there aren't plenty of 'good eggs' out there
when we come to consider our current adult male population
not saying that but for all of history  ..... well, its been
in most cases the guys who have been the oppressors ...
i'd like to see more women & girls standing up for themselves
& their companions on this journey of life
stand up ladies (&men too!).... it may just be the case that if you do
someone else will stand beside you & when you turn around
suddenly there will be a whole host standing with you
lets be brave
we all have a mountain to move
& it starts with us .... & a little help from above

i know these are vast sweeping generalizations
& some simplistic views but ... 
well this is my blog & i can say what i wish to ...
you may not agree but well .... i hope you do!?
lots of the people who came on friday to sew
are the mothers of girls ....
and-so-i-sew & i have been thinking that
we'd like to teach & inspire lots and lots more
people to help Days for Girls reach their goal
the goal that by 2022 every girl worldwide will have
access to safe & affordable sanitary options
this is so simple but i can see the impact that it would have
on just one girl so imagine????

would you like to help?
let me know ....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

over the threshold

its happening
art classes for kids
small groups
my ideas & my own terms
giving children the chance to explore
 perfectly raw first experiences
to know that there are no mistakes, but happy accidents
that there is a language of the visual
making my mark on the minds of little people
what a huge honor
thankyou to the parents who are letting me
'in' on the worlds of their little people
its been a dream come true
pinch pinch .... it really is true
thank you also for all the amazing feed-back
so wonderful to hear there has been an impact made already
 not sewn or painted anything for me lately
but i'll get back to that soon
its been a fabulous first week
enJOYing my journey

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

shape up

yes its been about 'shape'
& 'colour' is always there too
mmm dropped my bundle with Blogtober
oh well ... i'm here & i've been busy
you can check some of it out over here
yep its term 4 & my classes started this week yay!

had a spare chunk of time on saturday just gone
so headed into Finders Keepers
with a crafty mate .... do you know i'd actually never been
now how is that possible?? & neither had she
really did think i'd just peruse & enjoy the visual feast
but i found gold that just 'had' to come home with
clearly these were earings made specially for the art teacher!
made by melbourne girls stacey & sarah
after a good look & walking by
we walked by again & i couldn't go on past
love your work girls
 oh & because my 'little smARTy's studio' is
completely & utterly top-of-mind ... in case you hadn't noticed!?
going in the studio of course
because yes - it may well have been all about
'shape' this week but 
that sneaky passion for colour is always there!
and oh yes
how something so sweet does make me smile
thankyou lovely creative people!
even better that it's made in melbourne hey!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

open doors::2

 i'd like to just say ditto
but really 12 months on & i have been brave
& had the opportunity to open that studio door
you've probably noticed!
 but there are some other doors
that are opening simultaneously
& its a bit confusing as to what is the 'right' fit
there will be some clarity
& i will work out how it all fits together

 but in the meantime my mind is a-buzz
with ideas & possibilities
what doors are you knocking on right now?
go on be brave ....
all the above pics were taken on our recent
travels in ireland & england