Sunday, March 2, 2014

private painting workshop giveaway

little smARTy's studio 
..... 1.5hour Private Painting Workshop
for anyone from toddler to adult
.... a work of art on quality artist CANVAS ....
to the value of $160 .... tuition & materials

to ENTER simply ...... find us on Facebook by clicking here
1: be a 'little smARTy's studio' Facebook 'Follower' 
2: 'like' the photo/post and 
3: 'SHARE' this post on your own FB wall 
Workshop is to be held in Surrey Hills, so make sure you can get yourself there!
GO FOR IT ...... starts now!
Giveaway will be drawn Wednesday 5th March 8pm 

Friday, February 14, 2014

wk 7 :: 52

a portrait of my boy
once a week
every week
for 2014
week 7 of 52

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

ruby's nest

love handmade of course
and i adore seeing friends 
make their dreams become reality
i met anna back at the sydney sit
i remember meeting her very well
full of funny stories about her stay in the 'other' youth hostel
& other adventures, i remember i couldn't stop laughing
there have been pop up shops, the act sit
& her hens & tom phat lunches
and her creative side kick jay (Finki)
are to be congratulated
on the opening of their gorgeous
spacious light filled quirky colourful
 its brimming with all sorts of lovelies
amazing resin accessories, scarves, treats for littles,
and an amazing range of beautifully hand sewn ladies clothes
including the famous 'Wendy' dress and now also
appropriately the 'Ruby' as well ....
opening night was last friday
went out with a few fabulous friends
L-R :: me, anna, karen, bron & nicole
and caught up with a few other faces whilst there as well
lucky me as i'll be sewing some
special handmade pieces for ruby's nest
stay tuned
 fun times in the red sports car
rubys, then thai & a hit of sugar frozen goodness
ever queued for gelato before?
enJOY your journey people xo

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

heART a craft :: thread

"heART a craft"
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.9
10 Craft Room Organization Ideas | Babble
so there was the 
& i still have it all in boxes ....
mmm i'd love to store it all in some
visually delicious manner ....
something like one of these perhaps!
good idea... I think the only thing I would change would be to have the nails at an angle so I could hang the board on the wall.

not particularly portable any of it but i figure
if i'm planning to leave the threads
i will need to plan & take the match required
or perhaps i'll go for more of a 'cabinet' idea
Cheap, easy thread holder#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#
as i do like a bit of character
mmmm .... lets see hey!

Monday, February 3, 2014


 5 years
its been since i started writing this blog
i honestly had no idea where it was going to take me
been looking back at those very first posts
i remember how excited i was about getting back to making again
actually making time to make
it was at a time when i'd stepped back from a leadership role
to spend every moment i could with our growing baby boy
in starting my blog i think i had the idea that it might help 
to ground me in my role as a sahm
but it also opened up a community
of real people whom i have a lot in common with
 at first i really admired the more predominant os creative bloggers
now i'm more about my blogging friends
people i now know & have spent real time with
the meeting real bloggers really began with this amazing patch-worker
as she responded to a block swap i organised
i should thank her for the kick to go on
a bloggers weekend in Sydney
where i met a stack of girls ..... 
now i'm not great at grasping names straight off & you know
some were more memorable than others hey! (cheekily said!)
from there well .... i made an incredible friend
and have spent a few wonderful weekend retreats
with more creative minds
love being part of this wonderful community
.... here in the world of blogs & on FB & also IG
love your work lara, tan, kylie, anna, annie, 
jodie, nikki, nicole, cath, gina, kathryn, rach & kathryn
& lots of others xo
part of my online 'village'
its been a fabulous 5 years
i have wondered a bit lately as to why i still blog
i think its now as much for me as it is the few people
who read along ... yep
so if you do read along
i'd love a comment or so along the way xo

Thursday, January 30, 2014

amber find

you well & truly know by now
that i like a little coloured glass
& its all the better when its a thrifty find
 the other week, little op shop hop
with a friend .... oooooh
top shelf, tippy toes to reach it
would be 30cm+ & is just lovely
i've googled the edb or dbe logo
but with no profound discoveries
love it
see how nicely it fits in
t'was a whole $3 ... yep
plus the thrill of the hunt of course

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

photo tricks

lots of firsts this summer
fun with friends
at 'our' riBer

 love this pic above
it has us all in it! plus ....
have you spotted the
'trick' yet??
have another look ....
and here are a few other very clever ones ...

 how you ask??? ahhhhh .... very tricky hey!
 clever iphones
thanks ellen!! great fun

wk 5 :: 52

a portrait of my boy
once a week
every week
for 2014
 5 :: 52
summer time fun
sparkling water
hot hot temps
swim little fish swim

Thursday, January 23, 2014

wk 4 :: 52

a portrait of my boy
once a week
every week
for 2014

 4 :: 52
drawing & painting
a lion in our little smARTy's studio
wonderful times

Monday, January 20, 2014


made for Max
without knowing it i got the colour combo 'right'
grow strong little man

Thursday, January 16, 2014

the 52 project

& three
of fifty two
1 :: 52

a portrait of my boy
once a week
every week
for 2014

2 :: 52
joining in
on wednesdays

3 :: 52
ahhhh yes i know it isn't wednesday but
it was so hot!! study was like an oven so .....

Monday, January 13, 2014

summer village

our summer time
has been filled with the sunshine beyond
the great divide
days spent in & around the muddy waters
of "our" murray river
& some sandy days at a 'beach house'

i often reference the saying
'it takes a village to raise a child'
but even more than that ....
to me our village is made up 
of more than the people
its the time spent creating wonderful memories
its the knowing people
& in that being loved in return
meshed, just like scrabble letters!
some wonderful memories from the last few weeks
of cricket games
1sts on the riBer
boogie boarding
bean bag tossing
card games
black gold fish
lost teeth
super stacks
some free style'n patchwork
knee board coaching
tennis hits
doggies back home
camp fires
6 degrees of separation discoveries
building, gap filling, painting & wiring walls
hanging doors & stuffing insulation
& water skiing of course!
(yes that is me further up!)
my cup runneth over
 enJOY your journey