Wednesday, October 31, 2012

celebrate the 31

where did 31 days go?
how great it is to look back & see!
 today was all
squiggle drawings &
fresh & silky home made green play dough
isabella @ play group discovering 
that you make a fabric impression in play dough!!
look carefully at the front panel of her dress ... snap
playing postman
running through the sprinkler with a certain little friend
& squirting each other with a hose ... yay for simpler water restrictions!
& buzzing bees ...
sneezing & more sneezing ... tis the season!
planning & ideas
looking back on the last 31 days
... yes there are 31 posts 
... not quite all posted one per day but pretty close!
yay for blogtoberfest!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

looking back

 so back at easter this year
we went as a family to the Indonesian island of Ambon
for one part of this journey we traveled by boat to
another larger, yet far less inhabited island called Seram
earlier today i was reminiscing about traveling with our little boy
i enJOYed reliving the moments
thought i'd share some of them with you
here are a few from the brass band serenade on our group arrival
the serene moments on the remote white sands of a far flung beach
accidental time spent singing simple songs & nursery rhymes with 
the children at the village at the end of the road
this singing was one of my absolute highlights
we sang they sang we all sang
& danced & clapped 
.... wonderful pure simple honest humanness
 i said back then it is a slice of heaven on earth
 my parents on the other long boat
.... the bright orange makes for some visual drama hey!
 Oscar with Willie our cook 
.... its because of her, he will eat fried eggs!

 swimming in the warm sea waters
watch out for stone fish
 here's our Lawamena mission team
an amazing adventure
would you like to know how to get there?
if you'd like to hear what it was all about

Monday, October 29, 2012

the gateway ...

the gateway to the kingdom of heaven is everywhere
in every moment of every day
every where you are
every conversation
every opportunity

we're human & we fail
but we can make the choice to choose
to walk through the gateway to the kingdom
in every moment
there are moments when someone says or does something
that i have been witness to, heard about or have been subject to personally
moments that leave me dumb-founded
reeling from someone's extreme choice to turn away

turning away from the very simple opportunity 
that Christ put right in front of all of us
a choice to say something appropriate
something kind
something up lifting
to be joyful
to have grace
to be caring
to be gentle
to be patient
to find peace
to have faith
to be good
to have self control
perhaps bite your tongue
or say nothing at all?

all of this 
in one moment 
sounds tricky to do
but really .... c'mon .... choose one & it will be easy when you think it through
 then step by step work at it

to add to this ... we being 
the adults 
... we're the role models remember
perhaps to our own children ... & also to the others in our villages
you set the scene to influence them for life
work on it ... if not for yourself ... for them
& then maybe you will find it for you also
think people think 
... think how it might be 
to be on the other side of that comment or action?

i like to think that most of the time i choose to walk through that gateway by choice
i hope i choose the way that is best in most moments
 i know certainly fail plenty.... i know instantly when i do
when i'm grumpy or frustrated or stressed
i have to remind myself to try & to always be working at it
we are each a work in progress of course!
so ... chin up make the best of that moment
& work on the next one to make that even better
so that you choose to walk through the gateway of heaven
by your words & actions
enJOY your journey

Galatians: Chapter 5 verses 22-23

Sunday, October 28, 2012

treasure the moments

 there was some new hair styling to be done
songs to be sung
people to chat to
running some ideas past
friends to see
planning a riBer trip
who when & how
then sunshine in the park .... our local
 a family birthday with cake & candles
(what child picks the lollies off &then refuses to eat them as they were covered in icing??)
two aunties played i spy with a nearly 1 year old niece
she was quite taken with the yellow school bus
 there was cricket to be played
was actually a first for our boy
he watched & then joined in
he bowled ... over arm i tell you ... 
1st bowl ... a wicket!!
you should have heard the crowd cheer!!
lovely day
hope you enJOYed your journey today

Saturday, October 27, 2012

pop up feista ...

 had a wonderful day hanging out with
 photos above & below are shots of works
made by these creative ladies
 we decided that the individual 'look' each of us has ...
.... complemented the others as a great collection
for our successful 1st ever Pop Up Shop
Thanks so much Anna ... we love your Polly Pratt Studio
 adore this guy
made by Felicity ... he's a jumbo ... yep he's a biggie
check again ... the 2nd pic ... see is he is big hey!
 so i've had a great time this week
getting it all together as you have seen
was very satisfying to have it all on display again
& even better to have people come on by
who like your work ... excellent
thank you people!
 was also fabulous to catch up with lots of crafty minded bloggy people
yay for blogs ....

little ikea expedition last week
led me to find just the right way to display my new clip collection
great little drawer system ... love the customer interaction
 so there is more to come
with this collection of hand made or hand selected
..... hARTylittlepeaces .... that shop ... it's coming soon!!
pssttt .... i adore these dolls ... do you?

Friday, October 26, 2012

daisy chain crochet flower tutorial ...

 so now & then i make up a few of these sweet
spring flower crochet garlands
... x12 flowers all in a daisy chain
 did you ever try that as a child?
split the stem of one picked daisy flower
so you could link up the next one?
well these are the perennial type ...
... they won't wilt on you or fall apart
they come in some lovely colours
& can be worn like a funky scarf / neck piece
or hung up as a sweet garland decoration
you can find them all neatly packaged & ready to go
isn't he the spunky helper hey!!

but if you'd like to make your own
I've written a little tutorial for you!
yep ... i'm sharing the love here .... 
& you're welcome to also check out my little Christmas Bauble Tutorial

Daisy Chain Crochet Flower Tutorial

here's a little "how to"
what means what ... or what i understand it to mean ....
chain = ch = one loop on hook, yarn over & pull through first chain
slip stitch = slst = insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the loop on your hook.
single crochet = sc = insert hook, yarn over, pull through the loop through the stitch = 2 loops on the hook, yarn over & pull through both loops on the hook
double crochet = dc = yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (3 loops on hook), yarn over & pull through the first 2 loops on the hook (2 loops remaining on hook), yarn over & pull through last 2 loops.
half double crochet = hdc = yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (3 loops on hook), yarn over & pull through all 3 loops on hook
what to do ...
choose a lovely yarn & colour ....
chain stitch 4 & join into a ring
first round is worked into the ring
round 1 - chain (ch) 2, then double crochet (dc) x11 times
then join with a slip stitch (slst) = 12 spokes on the wheel

round 2 - now you're working into the gaps between the  stitches
chain 4, miss a stitch then single crochet (sc) into the next stitch, chain 3, miss a stitch then single crochet (sc) into the next .... continue so that you have x6 chain loops around the wheel ... these are the foundations for the x6 petals ...

round 3 - now you're working into the chain loops around the center .... to make the petal shapes...
slst, sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc, slst

repeat this into each loop to create each petal

then chain as long as you like in-between each flower & repeat ... i make mine 20 chain stitches
hope that's all as clear as mud!! ....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

magnetic scrabble letters

 i've had fun making up these
cute scrabble letter magnets
the magnets themselves are super strong
they look great & would make for hours of play
but just one or two .... 
your initials or someone else's
or a fun favourite word
an acronym ... yay! 'post-able' too
a cute gift hey ...
 all a go go on my magnet board
ready for a certain Pop Up Shop

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

20m+ & an archaeological find ....

apparently there were no pipes of any substance
nothing was doing the job .... t'was letting down the whole system
so the whole water actually running in the gutters & down the down pipes idea
should work like the romans thought it up from now
there was even some ancient treasure found during the exavation
completely intact ... i wonder who used it for what & why & when???
when i finished school i thought at first that i might like to study
archaeology .... i was talked 'around' ... still have a soft spot for the idea of it!
so yeah .... one more glass bottle unearthed in our local history ...
(thought i'd give you a break from the topic of the week!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

shop handmade & pop up bundles ...

some lovely hand stitched embellished bundles
new baby singlets & body suits

& ready to go for the pop up shop on saturday
... sweet little spunky skirts for little girls
these have been so much fun to make
love mixing up the fabrics combos
some are well 'matched' & some are a little 'out there'

 loads more great colour combos
with these crochet flower barrettes / brooches 
.... yes they can be worn both ways!
& more spunky colour with lots of kids
long & short sleeve tops
 ... most have a little something on the back as well
i'm sure sometime earlier this week i mentioned it would be all about 
the pop up popping up .... yep .... more to come
hope you're enjoying my show n'tell?
lots of what you are seeing will be headed into my
on-line shop that will soon be .... stay tuned ... it will happen ...