Tuesday, October 30, 2012

looking back

 so back at easter this year
we went as a family to the Indonesian island of Ambon
for one part of this journey we traveled by boat to
another larger, yet far less inhabited island called Seram
earlier today i was reminiscing about traveling with our little boy
i enJOYed reliving the moments
thought i'd share some of them with you
here are a few from the brass band serenade on our group arrival
the serene moments on the remote white sands of a far flung beach
accidental time spent singing simple songs & nursery rhymes with 
the children at the village at the end of the road
this singing was one of my absolute highlights
we sang they sang we all sang
& danced & clapped 
.... wonderful pure simple honest humanness
 i said back then it is a slice of heaven on earth
 my parents on the other long boat
.... the bright orange makes for some visual drama hey!
 Oscar with Willie our cook 
.... its because of her, he will eat fried eggs!

 swimming in the warm sea waters
watch out for stone fish
 here's our Lawamena mission team
an amazing adventure
would you like to know how to get there?
if you'd like to hear what it was all about


Karen said...

Love the sound of the impromptu concert - in fact it all sounds great - except the stonefish!

nicole kane said...

it all sounds fantastic!
but i'm not going to lie, i still have stonefish nightmares after you told me that story! *shudder*