Friday, September 27, 2013

days for girls

have your heard of

well then let me encourage you to go & read

ok ... you back now?
well i'm joining in their
in fact I'm having a few friends over
to help put together a whole heap
of these kits
if you'd like to help
let me know
or donate even??
we need to buy supplies etc
or join in on the day yourself!!
Friday 11th October
is the
International Day of the Girl

because i believe in a humanity
that gives dignity to all
that all people no matter gender 
or race or status or religion
are equal
i believe that every single person has the right
to be educated 
so to be able to better their circumstances
should they choose to

i believe in the Chinese proverb:
"Give a man a fish 
and you feed him for a day. 
Teach a man to fish 
and you feed him for a lifetime."
 .... or woman!

i have a great calling to act on opportunities
like these ... really in our 'western urban' lives
they are often simple acts
but i have seen how simple acts of kindness
can truly make an impact
global change starts from within
starts with the 'people'
so go on ... join in!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

crystal clear :: 15

 since i've blogged about my 
i've had a few friends find them in their travels
may have mentioned that i was finding it tricky to track down 
some of the aqua coloured ones
bron-she-who-rocks found me this one
 well recently my awesome friend blog-less Cassy
found this little set ..... oh my!!
quite the bargain as well & she went & picked them up for me!
how amazing is all that ... 3 'made in belgium' minis
& that large one now has its long lost mate

 now speaking of mates ....
today 15 years back i married mine
i am blessed for the journey we have shared thus far
looking forward to more ... our way
traditionally the 15 year mark is crystal apparently!?
its true ... that as time goes by
you see each other more & more for who they truly are
love them even more & are loved in return
..... clearer now than even back then
enJOYing the journey

Friday, September 13, 2013

little smARTy's studio

the "little smARTy's studio"

Art Classes for small groups
from toddlers to teens

A place where creativity is paramount
technical skills are developed
and imagination soars

studio is almost ready
classes are being prepared

is a dream realised

Friday, September 6, 2013

sole contentment

all round i'm content to walk about our world
in my own shoes
or in bare feet

there was local cotswold stone
laid by hands from long long ago
now time worn with stories
was a golden fairytale in the afternoon sunshine
the chance to splash about in the waters
off the irish side of the atlantic
green grass surrounding the ancient stones
the mysterious lime green waters
of the roman built baths on an all
blue blue blue sky warm summers day
 the rocky beach & foamy change of tide
in southern england
& a reference to
her majesty queen victoria
stood where she stood

yep happy in my own shoes
enJOY your journey

“Contentment is natural wealth, 
luxury is artificial poverty.”

Thursday, September 5, 2013


seems i caught a bug a while back
yeah .... renfrew-itis
have you heard of it?
google even knows about it!
made a couple at sewjorn
then another couple the following week
great pattern & it works well shape-wise on me
then its all about the fabric choice hey
such an excellent basic & some fresh new tops were 'needed'
what is all this about you ask?
sewaholic's renfrew pattern
yeah i was a little slow to catch 'the bug' but now ....
i have some more in mind as well
loving this long sleeve bronze version
its all lycra & shiny & v stretchy of course
after sewing the neck band it kind of went all 'gathered'
not quite supposed to happen but lets call it a 
'design feature' ... isn't that what we call it K & L?
i think so, i quite like it actually
love a bit of purple
there's the half sleeve
of the silky short sleeved variety - with a wonky neck binding
that again i'm not fussed with it not being perfect!
i have learnt with these that i prefer them to be cut a little longer
so i've taken note & will do on the next!
 below is a pic taken at the Roman Baths in Bath, UK
that was 2 weeks ago, not even
photo credit goes to Oscar
the same purple short sleeved renfrew
 now speaking of travel
there were quite a few handmade-by-me clothing items
that traveled with
including this renfrew below
its a black & white fine stripe
another rathdowne remnant score
its a little larger ... didn't cut it larger
but that's the thing with fabrics isn't it
but it makes for an excellent layering top
& as a travel tip when in ireland
you need layers ... note the cloudy day in kilkenny
 oh & this pic below
i just like it
taken in a pedestrian street in York
but i am breaking my usual wardrobe rule
never wear denim on both halves ...
gotta do what ya gotta do at times!
oh & all these photos of myself
.... 'mate' feeling rather narcissistic!
oh & all that blonde crazy hair....
has now gone ... back to short arty dark & pink
yep ... that's more like it

thanks for sitting in on my 'slide night'
joining in with
'make it wear it'