Wednesday, October 17, 2012

about a boy

 he's my little world
i adore him ....
today was play group with friends
road bikes
made a starfish
watched the white paint change into mint green
bought up all the plastic fruit
giggled under the parachute
swayed on the seasaw
you go that way & i'll go this way
sang & re-sang old mac donald
hid in the secret garden
spotted trains
enjoyed the sunshine
drove the dump truck laden with paper scraps
did some 'cutting' with said paper scraps
made mummy a birthday cake which included said paper scraps
played with the abacus
ate & ate & still ... had hollow legs!!
helped carry the parcels to the post office 
cuddled pepper
caught up on some zzzz's sprawled on the sofa ....

there was a conversation this morning that went something like this ...
... while watching me slice up a pair or pears!
"what's that?"
"oh, that's the core inside where the seeds are!"
"the seeds .... are they when you plant them in dirt then a pear grows?"
"well .... the seed grows into a tree first then the pears grow on the tree"
"so when the pears grows blood they turn into apples!!"

fair point i guess .... we may need to visit an orchard perhaps!
or plant some kind of fruit tree maybe ...

nb: can't claim to have written the etch-a-sketch text
... thanks Lucas

edit: this is post no.17 for blogtoberfest
& beats my record for most posts in a month ever! yay


Cas said...

oscar is very perseptive! wouldnt it be nice of fruit changed to suit our needs, all from the one tree :)

Karen said...

He's a cutie, sounds like a very busy but fun day, love that he made you a cake, sorry I didn't know you had two birthdays in a year...
I've fallen off the Blogtoberfest bandwagon but hope to be back soon!!