Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Have you guys missed me at all?
Hope maybe just a little!
We've had a whirl wind happen this year .....
Started out thinking we were being moved overseas for a few years,
flew ... checked it all out, decided we'd do it ....
... & now it hasn't happened
that got us thinking what might be up for our little family over the next while ....
..... so we've spent the last 6 weeks or so getting our house ready for Auction
& it is now
Hence my silence!
So I'm back .....
No haven't yet secured the right place to move on to
.... hoping that will happen soon ....
Next challenge:
pack up the other half of our house,
move it,
store it,
move it ...
& re-settle ..... Yay ....
...bring it on!!!!