Thursday, November 14, 2013

heide grey scale

a grey day at heide
with pops of colour you round the rabbit hole?
see art works just simply can't be
just .... black & white
its a sliding grey scale isn't it?
 and can you make yourself tall
like this lady?
... have always loved the amazing architecture
that is heide
for its story, is interior and exterior spaces
... sculpture below is titled : "Seed"
it did plant a seed a long time back for me
can a visit & a 'play' in the sculpture gardens
plant a new seed in young minds?

 oh & i have always adored those cows
.... quick noted lesson on perspective!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

spring sewjourn

 seriously love going to sewjourn
besides is being a sweet australian cottage
& the wonderful light filled space that is the studio work room
its about people & making together
started out way back going along with a couple of real life friends
but now i feel like i know everyone somewhat
you know its that time forged thing that carves out friendships
Lara has summed it all up perfectly
all part of my village now
 go on wear a chunky belt & some acid yellow beads with that
show your curves
 some garments were made
yay .... tops & dress finishes ... 
& a new quick and simple 3 piece top pattern that i adore
 so i sewed up x10 smocks ... about 2/3 the way
a black & white stripey quilt binding
half square triangle quilt was worked on .... wip
that means i've started on the 544 hst's that i have
that is going to be a marathon as every single
mini hst block needs to be carefully pinned so the corners line up
but you know ... i live for the journey!
 another chunky oversized scrappy stacked coin strip
ready for another double sided quilt top
some free form blocks for shannon
because if i lost my home & the things in it
that are special to me i'd love a quilt too
enjoyed making these alongside annie