Monday, April 29, 2013

heART the craft - hello

heART the craft
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.3
 pintrest-ed from here
originally from here
... loving her style
..... woah .... "hello"
love this
found pinned but was from here a while back i think
& then had me at hello
simple clever classic graphics
tick ...... pinned ... but from here

there is nothing sweeter when you return huh!?
this is cool ... & clever & crafty
pinned ..... & from here

hello & home
roll those two ideas into one
= a welcome mat ....

Monday, April 22, 2013

purple & green

 so way way back ....
when we had a different address
i organised a block swap 
the idea was that it might be the perfect way
to keep in-touch with some friends
thus began the block swaps of 2009 & 2010
09 was all purple & green
here's the "how to tutorial"
it was all great fun & now holds some lovely memories
so what we all did ...
each month we had the 'homework' of sewing up 12 or so blocks
working with the block design & size & variations
the only rule was that we were to include one of 2 base fabrics
any other fabrics were to be purple or green of choice
we'd get together, rotating visiting one another's homes
there was show n'tell & lots of laughs
each time we always sewed an extra block ....
went into a box intended for our
i was supposed to have gifted this a very long time ago
not sure what happened at the time
but then it was packed away ....
just last week i passed it on to mum
(my mum .... yep she's a crafty type too & she is a major part of P&S's)
last wednesday .... she arrived with purple & green blocks in hand
would you believe that ....
that very day there was a prayer quilt request in purple & greens!!!
not kidding ... a God thing i think!
so this lap sized prayer quilt was pieced together
for a special lady who played a part in our ABC's history
we hope you feel the love & prayers of all the peoples
from now & then from ABC Mabel .... you are loved
these photos are from our time during church yesterday
when the ties were tied ... & a prayer is said
i'm so pleased with this end result
it seems that it is all in God's timing

so a big thankyou to Katherine & Kylie & Sam & Louey
& Wendy & Nicole & Jo & Lizzie & Jenny 
i love the journey that was this block swap
we really should all get together with our 'finished' quilts!!

you can see a glimpse of Katherine's finished p&g block swap
quilts over here .... she made them into twin quilts for her 2 older girls
i know that Nicole has sewn all her blocks together
& here's mine .... um .... cough .... still not finished ...
however it is now all at least pieced together as a finished quilt top!!
i added another strip layer to each of my blocks ...
& then
the following year
there was the red & aqua swap
with a slightly different crowd of friendly faces
that's another story .....

amen to all the seasons of life

Saturday, April 20, 2013

bit of acid, spots & some stacked coins

 what did you do last night?
9pm & i was a little .... well bored really!
footy just doesn't 'do it' for me ...
my stash of scraps is a magic pudding
seriously .... i work hard on using it & it multiplies
 decided on a variation of my 'free-styling scrappy patchwork'
not sure how ... it just evolved & i quite like working that way
so thus the stacked coins element
i know where this single bed quilt is going!
.... so i wanted something really bright to go with...
found this amazing large scale print in my hoarded stash
'Wildwood' by erin mcmorris for Freespirit westminster fibres
seriously i have whole pile of neatly folded caressed beauties
that i've hoarded ... happy just to look at all lined up pretty like
a wave of corageousness swept over me
crikey!? .... it was cut into .... black & white spots were added
you can't go wrong with spots & these are a great size ...
it 'works' ... now to find a worthy backing?
maybe a b&w stripey binding but we shall see
lots of wonky curvy soft machine quilted lines i think
perhaps a few lines of perle hand quilting stitches running across the stacked coins
quilt top made in a bit under 2 hours
quite enJOYed my friday night in the end
hmmm now .... the backing & then baste ....
lets see if i can get that far in less than 24hrs?
might even get on a roll & baste the others that are still a-waiting!!
yep .... enJOYing my journey ....

Friday, April 19, 2013

heART the craft 2

heART the craft
a current favourite image & idea

if you've been reading along for a while
you'd know i very much enJOY the journey
so this speaks to me
 Charlotte Trounce
painted by a freelance illustrator, currently a london-er
meet Charlotte Trounce
found this work c/o pinterest
 love your work Charlotte
thanks for sharing
... i'll be reading along from now on

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

little wip's

 been a busy bee .... a-making
for the annual Canterbury Primary
up-coming Art Exhibition & Gift Shop
its by invitation which is a nice compliment
& i love playing a part
so lots of sweet funky little
fabric slip covered notebooks
& travel tissue packs
& cute little photo albums too
these are all great gift ideas
but i love the idea of the pocket photo books 
being given as the gift already full of 
someone's photographic journey ....
a party... a wedding ... great times with friends ... a destination

so here they are
as works in progress
now almost freshly finished
just awaiting swing tags ...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

heART the craft

heART the craft
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.1
been perusing pinterest
a feast lovely images for a 'fix'
if i'm going to be bombarded with visuals
i may as well choose what i like hey!!

top left - adding a pop of color to your kitchen? 
.... pinned originally from little bit funky

bottom left - creative globe ideas
this quote by Gandhi is a favourite for sure
... pinned by Nobiggie

right - embroider a trip on the map and frame

Monday, April 15, 2013

cool is the crochet

while chatting
i made a few circles

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my mosaic village

 ok so at our cabin, on the riBer, that we love,
there is a table ...
t'was moved there 2 or so years ago 
when we packed up our first home to move onto a new adventure
at that stage it had sat .... a UFO .... for quite some time
in fact years .... i'm too embarrassed to say how many ...
managed to talk husband into the idea that the riBer would be its perfect home
it is a mosaic village
& by the time i finish it... it's rather lengthy story, will have been told
to the 'entire' village ..... 
yep, you may have heard recent whisperings 
by said husband, that he's still not sure 
where this table's final resting place should be??
he has both suggested & threatened the tip many times!!
so ...
i thought i should crack on with it! he he ...
after a mega materials clean up & sorting
the sun is now shining brightly with rays of gold on a blue blue blue sky day
the church stands strong on the hill beyond the olive grove
the large gum sits neatly over the ridge
the cobbled piazza is the centre square in town
i'm into symbols ... noticed much?
"well see" .... its our 'village'
in a village the meeting place is the piazza ...
and to me a table is a place to meet & share a meal & our heARTs
& the best bit is that a mosaic of course brings all 
those little pieces together to form one big picture

 ... there is still a LOT to do ...
but it is my work in progress
and its kind of been 'freshly pieced' once again
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

my village

i love the village that surrounds me
if we've ever chatted in person i'd have been likely to have referred to
the age old concept that
its the village that raises the child
our modern village is built in the flesh blood heart & soul
of the people we surround ourselves with
the people we choose to spend our hours with
& in return those who are intentionally interested in the same investment
i am more the richer for this village
to me it is priceless
may have mentioned from time to time
that we have a little cabin up on the riBer
to me it is the space to breathe deeply
to laugh to eat well to tell stories to spend time
there is just nothing like spending bulk time with people
its this little place in our hearts that helps form
the village around us .... & our boy
this easter we soaked ourselves in
laughter & new experiences
there was some boat play...
& yes, that is me below with a friend traveling at great speed!
timber sawn & marsh mellows toasted
biscuits ridden, paddle steamer action, eggs hunted, books on bunks
a new room was constructed with 1st & 2nd apprentices
lunch to be had, walks & parks, card games .....
some crochet & a touch of sewing ...

 as it turned out, i drove home in a car by myself
i'm perfectly fine with my own company
i just crank up my playlist .... no apologies for my music taste!!
but that winding gracious road ... its fields of yellow gold now barren
the scraggy siholette of gum trees scattered farm houses the wine country
then the rocky top of the great divide that reminds me...
 of a scene in the Princess Bride ....

.... it always steals my thoughts & heart
i adore & enJOY that journey
each time i venture northward it changes me just a little
.... i love my village!
ps .... thanks to Karen who took most of these photos!!
pps .... did you spot the rainbow??