Thursday, September 27, 2012

wip creative spaces

 so my creative space ...
my creative head space is brimming with ideas so much that i feel at times it is spilling over
my physical actual creative space is over taking our home
my art educator creative space has been reflective this week
my sewing & making for dollars creative space fits in whenever it can
my dreaming up 'possibilities' thinking creative head space has been working overtime lately
my dream studio creative space is constructed so far of black lines on A3 paper 
but there have been steps made ... which creative space should i refer to?
here are two works in progress
the above "rainbow i spy" which has been almost finished for a while
had its binding machine sewn on .... just need to do the hand slip stitching
have a goal to make that happen this weekend
the other is a gorgeous pink & green single bed log cabin ....ish quilt 
made by a great friend of mine .... Sam
in fact this is her first ever patchwork experience
it was pieced & sandwiched a long time ago 
... way way back one night, we had a chat .... i didn't really know her then
i told her i thought she needed to have some kind of hobby outside of what was work
think my words were more like "get a life" .... spoken with diplomacy of course!
she asked me what i did .... was when i was just getting back into sewing more often
the next week, she told me she'd bought a machine & that i had to teach her....!!
.... sounds like we were up front with each other 
but that is how we are & it works as we are great friends .... 
thank goodness she did that or we probably would have gone separate ways ... xx
& i see it as kind of my responsibility to see that this quilt is completed!
as a first effort i probably shouldn't have put Sam on such a huge unknown path
... she learned a heap but maybe i stretched her just that little too far?
she started machine quilting it but was not entirely happy with the results
then she tried perle 8 chunky stitching but it wasn't a 'happening thing' for her
so i stole it away to stitch it myself .... i've pulled it out now & then
not often enough .... but i am coming close to the finish ... yay
soon it will be done & i will wrap it with a great big bow!!!
& then she can do the binding!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

thrifty fun times

 some truly ace thrifty finds recently
i love a bit of op shop spotting
i usually have to drag the little boy along
but in the end he has lots of fun
and has got the idea now .... that just maybe we might walk out with
some treasure for him .... if he's good!!
loving Dr Seuss .... he's never off the current book menu
can't go past a great Tups bargain ....
some happy yellow sunshine-y container goodness
rolling pins .... tactile woody ones .... yep 4 the studio  
.... (whispered in case my husband finds out ... 
i promised that i would not 'collect' any more objects for the 'studio' ..... until i actually had one!!)
oh & the pin cushion was Oscar's choice .... seriously!
then the "piste de resistance"
a "Fisher Price Play Family Airport"
my heart skipped a beat & then raced when i saw this little number
all grimy & shoved on a shelf almost out of sight!
.... Oscar spotted it at the same time 
complete bargain ... a bit damaged
but you know in a world where retro is just the ticket
.... there are 'Fun Times in Florida' ... ! yay
 loving the teal green & all the super cute images
they are in very good condition
the control tower however must have had someone crash land
but still she's apples ... love the baggage manually operated turn table!
my mum has all the contemporary FP little people & the plane to compliment
... so if you're going to fly .... be sure to check in with plenty of time ...
not sure if there is a club lounge to wait in?
certainly not a wheely suitcase in sight ..... 
gone are the days when you'd actually go to a travel agent  .... loving it!
so yeah .... funny sunny times here
"Think left and think right
and think low and think high
Oh! the thinks you can think up
if only you try!"
Dr Seuss

Monday, September 24, 2012

open doors

do you remember the movie 'sliding doors'?
i love this concept of choice ...
in the film it was all about that moment of 
either catching the train or not ...
... hence the sliding doors
one element in her life slides past the other
& massive life changes are made
you may have worked out i like referring to a visual reference
the "open door' meaning an opportunity 
for a choice to be made to take a certain path
in my life these open doors have been mostly 
... really obvious
the feeling of making that 'right' choice
the one that is the perfect 'fit' is priceless
the thing is, even when the door is open
it is still not necessarily 'the' choice to make ...
... so choose wisely my friends!
 i've had so many wonderful moments in my life
where the fit has been right & the door was open
& to be honest its felt like its too good to be true when
the open door has just 'fallen in my lap'
 then ...
there have been many times when the door has simply been 
closed shut
tightly shut & i have not understood why
so life sometime seems like a maze where i believe
our God has a guiding hand
a hand to open or close
we still choose the journey but those gentle
or at times not so gentle nudges .... 
guide us along to 'see' the open doors
 when i met my husband is was more like a smack round the ears than a gentle nudge
when my final school year results arrived it felt more like a slam in the face
when we were searching for a new-to-us-home they seemed like all closed doors
when i applied for my first teaching position everything just fell into place
when it came to conceiving a baby naturally 
.... well that has been a door shut closed with a great big bolt
when i finally decided that teaching in a school wasn't for me anymore 
... the doors opened on 'new horizons'! 
i stepped out of the boat & felt brave & it was good
when we looked for new homes closer to our church 
.... we fell in love with the first one we found & it became ours in almost a wink
craig was offered an overseas position & we even went & had a look-see 
... we would have gone but that door was closed for us 
..... with hindsight .... the 'right' move
then another 'os' opportunity ... the door was wide open
.... but we had discovered by then that we were where we wanted to be
.... & with further hindsight .... definitely the 'right' move
one door that i have been 'willing' to open since i was a teenager
has been all about owning & running my own studio/gallery
.... i'm starting to see the real possibilities 
.... feels like i've been dreaming this for so long
it has felt like i've walked past the door many times
i've wanted to turn the handle to see ...
i've just not been brave enough ... silly me
.... but now .... i think the door might just been opening just a titch!
sometime soon i am going to swing it wide open & race on through ...
all the above pics are from the weekend just gone
we were at our favourite beach
went for drive & an explore about Queenscliff
there is still a lovely historical charm to that little town
so which doors will open in my near future ...
hoping its one i've wished for ... soon

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

14 years

 today's anniversary is one of the great markers in my life
today 14 years ago i married my best friend
marriage is that great binding promise of a future together
of making a life as one ... 
counting back the years .... all part of
our journey ... be sure to enJOY yours
as the years seem to slip by fast ...
 i love tulips .... had 100's everywhere
still love my dress ....
might do the whole bridesmaids dress thing differently now
.... but that's how it goes
.... we were married at our Church
Ashburton Baptist ....
same place my parents were married
my dad & I entered a full, actually over flowing church ... people standing
 the sound of all those voices in song ....
wonderful memories ...
Oscar thinks i'm a princess .... awhhh 
(took me some time but i recently worked out
that when he refers to a 'princess' ... he means a bride!)
thankyou my husband xxoo

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

its World BAMBOO Day ....

... in case you hadn't heard ...
18th Sept has been for the last 4 years ....
aims ... "to elevate the status of bamboo everywhere
to be considered as a plant with amazing potential
to improve the environment 
as a positive substitute to other materials
– such as a source for textiles, bio-plastic, bio-fuel, and non-timber products"
... info from the World Bamboo Organisation
i love a bit of bamboo ...
i've been sewing with it one way or another for a few years now
it has amazing properties
its super soft
its antibacterial
it breaths
its biodegradable
super absorbent
warmer than wool
cooler than cotton
& the bamboo i buy is grown & made in Australia
so that makes it fair trade as well
so i sewed with it today
lots of lovely soft bamboo baby wraps
& super snugly baby modern patchwork blankets
these i make in 2 sizes:

capsule .... just the right size to wrap an extra layer over baby when out & about
also fits easily into a bag to take anywhere or if the little person is deeply attached to holding on its not so huge to be dragged about ....

bassinet ..... this is just right to tuck baby in or take as that travel blanket
or use as a play mat ... lovely ....
 these are made of bamboo & cotton
you'd wash them in cold water
with a mild environmentally friendly detergent
you'd lie it fat - ish to dry
& as it is used & loved it will soften even more
 would you like to get your hands on one?
for your own needs or as a gift ....
well you can always ask as i can make these to order
but if you happen to live or might be passing through
our nation's great capital city .....
 well all these lovely pieces pictured here
have either been sold recently
or are in stock
or are about to wing their way northward
to be waiting for just the right person to fall in love with them ...
 have you been to 
its a designer collective
you should work in a visit somehow sometime
well here's some news
i'm now one of those designers ....
yep ... had this under my hat for just a little bit
but am so excited to tell you about it!!
 so i'll just send these new pieces all off tomorrow
& by the weekend some sweet little person could be snuggled
under a whole lot of bamboo goodness 
made by hARTylittlepeaces
..... that's me .... i'm wendy
... i have some more little goodies in stock there 
which i will tell you all about soon ....

  oh & i really meant to post about this sweet little number
yep more bamboo .... hoot twa hooo!
some wise punter at our kinder trivia night silent auction
walked home with these lovely handmade items made by me 
a large bamboo modern patchwork blanket
& a couple of muslin cotton baby wraps to match
so happy to help ... & loved being part of the whole night
well done ladies .... super effort ... yay

Saturday, September 1, 2012

You Sew Girl! Chunky Purse day ...

  had a simply wonderful day
arrived back home last night
to attended a planned workshop today
loved every minute
thankyou to the incredibly talented & knowledgable
had the complete pleasure
in making Nicole's
love it ... it most certainly is chunky
it will hold a whole bunch of precious goodies
learnt lots of hints & tricks
& I might just try this 
using a pattern thing more oftern

 oh & my side by side studio work buddy was a new-to-me ... Karen 
"v nice to meet you Karen!"
here are our results lined up next to each other
Karen made the 150mm Purse ... we were very proud of these
... our fearless leader stepped us through her very clearly designed pattern
now ... on to try another design & step up the tricky factor ...
 .... did you notice its green!
i love green ....