Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

...finally something on etsy ...

...well in-between putting 3 yr old back to bed
.... many times ...

I've managed to set up policies & shipping costs etc
for my etsy store ...

& listed one item!
Planned on a whole lot more than that for tonight's listings
Yay ... I actually did it!

here it is
Baby Body suit / Onesie with elephants!!
got to start somewhere hey!
enJOY your journey

bamboo ...

if you're not yet aware ...
...bamboo is one of the worlds wonder plants!
.. it can be made into many many products ...
including flannelette ...
the big photo shoot went well yesterday
... these are some of the pics ...
... all going into my etsy shop tonight!
at last ....
do you like??the gorgeous Charlotte at 8 weekswould make for a lovely gift ...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

...went off to market ...

saturday was really wet & wintry but still the people came ...
...great fun with friends with other stalls & visits too ...i think i looked the part ...
cute baby swaddle wraps
& patchwork travel blankets
& cute decorative mini wall quilts
doing a big photo shoot tomorrow...
with one of my favourite new little people ...
... so i can actually put some of
my handmade items in my
etsy shop!!
just love this cane basinet basket
that was a thrifty find
last week ...
...looks a treat painted up in an 'elmo' red ...
love it .... look out for it in more pics!
love that cute little dolls house pictured above too!
made lots of cute fabric magnets ...
and the people's favourite once again ...
...was my funky appliqued
cute & cool fabric
hand stitched
little people outfits ...

PS - sorry but didn't have the opportunity
to post about what I was
elling as I'd hinted I would
.... blogger was done all day for me on friday !!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

all bound up ...

been making lots of this ... meters & meters
so now I have my own little 'shop' to select from!
used lots to make ....
(check back tomorrow ...)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what a keeper ...

yes Kelly he is a 'keeper' ...
i am still overwhelmed with the thoughtful gift
my husband & 3 yr old gave me as
a treat for Mother's Day ...(awesome Aussie authors)

seriously don't know how he came to choose these books ??
i've quizzed him & he says he had
no help in the book store
he did not look on my bookshelf
to check out what other books
i do have
all on his own!

my cup runeth over ....

... so we had our first fire in the
open fireplace in our new-to-us home!

wonderfulhad some time 'at the beach' .... seams we always visit when its cloudy!
but a fabulous time & a walk up to the bluff too ...

my husband
my boy
my mum
my dadlooking towards that great ocean that
reaches all the way to Antarctica!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

... early morning

.... we're headed into our wintry months ...
cold, crisp mornings, shorter day light hours ...
...bunker down
....looking forward to some evenings at home
with our very own open fire!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

HST's ... Tonal Value Quilt

... laid almost all of the
five hundred and forty four
out on the floorboards
just to get the visual ...
I will get to sewing them together ... soon-ish!

Butterflies ... for baby Charlotte ...

:with fabric personally chosen by her mummy ...
... finally I gave over this cute cot sized quilt today!
She's only 7 weeks old already!
... with cute little hand made stitches that literally fly across the patchwork ...... see the wonky triangles in pairs of wings ....
ahhh, see now you get it!?
they are little butterflies with feelers & all ...

Not quite sure where I came up with this idea from
or what you'd call this kind of block
... but it works v nicely
... does it ring any bells anyone?

and I made a gorgeously soft bamboo wrap
with matching binding ...
which she apparently fell asleep in today!
(hey would you like a sneaky look at something
i've made for the market? well
....there are lots more of these swaddle wraps
... really huge so you can wrap lots around baby!)

Butterfly fabric is: Wings of Peace by Michael Miller
Funky Circular design is: Quite Contrary by Riley Blake
Some of: Sandi Henerson's Ginger Blossom range
Cute little stripe is: Kumari Garden, Tanya in Pink

See it while in production ...... don't you spread out your creations
on the dining room table?
Isn't that the heart of home!

Here she is ...
Welcome to the World
Charlotte Louise

i love little hands!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lotus Thankyou ...

so ...I did ... I dropped Amy a line ...
I sent off an 'informative' email to Ms Butler & crew...
in reference to the 'thrifted lotus'
a v prompt reply: "thankyou for sharing your find & info
& we'd like to send you a little something something
to say thankyou for your loyalty ..."

... 'blushing'
... I had no thought in my head
that some lovely Ms Amy patterns
might fly my way
.... but thankyou in return ... v special
... lucky me

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

vinyl banner 4 a little market

new vinyl banner to hang ... cool huh!been making lots of cute little items for this little market!
mini wall quilts
bunting party flags
baby swaddling wraps
gorgeous bamboo fabrics
patchwork travel blankets
fabric magnets
come along ....
might give you a sneaky look over the next week!?
... anyone with children in their lives should come!
... gifts to buy!?

Saturday 14th May
9am - 1pm
@NewHope Baptist Church
3 Springfield Rd,
Blackburn North

entry $2 for adults

Monday, May 2, 2011

easter action on 'our' river ...

How brave is my little boy!
First time ever on a biscuit behind our boat!!
LOVED it ....
It would have happened a whole lot earlier .... maybe even during summer!
But you know we've had these enormous floods & the mighty Murray has been massively swollen ... too dangerous with all the debris, & when I say debris I mean like whole trees floating down the river
...& we moved house & went went away ...etc
....Next summer maybe he'll be up skiing!
(that's if his Daddy has his way!!)Fun times with P,R,T,S&L
And there is even some sand left in places!!

easter at 'our' river ...

Well it is 'our' river didn't you know!?
Oscar at least, thinks it is ....(Above view is technically not the 'river' ... view of lake outside our cabin!)
We had wonderful, perfect warm Autumn weather ... glorious sunshine....
& we had time being just 'us' as a family with a good balance of s
ome time with great friends!
Took my machine & a heaped pile of projects which of course I didn't get to all ... (and even fiddled & started some odd new haphazard piecing that I really am not sure what they will become....couldn't help myself)
...but had a 'good crack' at it ...Finally bound this wonky stars little number!Was supposed to be Oscar's bigger cot quilt ... up-sizing from this one ... but of course now he is in a big bed! Ahhh well still all good!
I love the backing .... a true favourite!
Better get on with a big bed one now & see if I can get it on the bed before he grows out of that one!!!

How about how nice our new grass is!?
Heavenly ....
I have plans to use that 'i spy' picnic rug lots on this here little patch of green!
Hmmm ... what to make this stack of coins into!?