Thursday, January 30, 2014

amber find

you well & truly know by now
that i like a little coloured glass
& its all the better when its a thrifty find
 the other week, little op shop hop
with a friend .... oooooh
top shelf, tippy toes to reach it
would be 30cm+ & is just lovely
i've googled the edb or dbe logo
but with no profound discoveries
love it
see how nicely it fits in
t'was a whole $3 ... yep
plus the thrill of the hunt of course

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

photo tricks

lots of firsts this summer
fun with friends
at 'our' riBer

 love this pic above
it has us all in it! plus ....
have you spotted the
'trick' yet??
have another look ....
and here are a few other very clever ones ...

 how you ask??? ahhhhh .... very tricky hey!
 clever iphones
thanks ellen!! great fun

wk 5 :: 52

a portrait of my boy
once a week
every week
for 2014
 5 :: 52
summer time fun
sparkling water
hot hot temps
swim little fish swim

Thursday, January 23, 2014

wk 4 :: 52

a portrait of my boy
once a week
every week
for 2014

 4 :: 52
drawing & painting
a lion in our little smARTy's studio
wonderful times

Monday, January 20, 2014


made for Max
without knowing it i got the colour combo 'right'
grow strong little man

Thursday, January 16, 2014

the 52 project

& three
of fifty two
1 :: 52

a portrait of my boy
once a week
every week
for 2014

2 :: 52
joining in
on wednesdays

3 :: 52
ahhhh yes i know it isn't wednesday but
it was so hot!! study was like an oven so .....

Monday, January 13, 2014

summer village

our summer time
has been filled with the sunshine beyond
the great divide
days spent in & around the muddy waters
of "our" murray river
& some sandy days at a 'beach house'

i often reference the saying
'it takes a village to raise a child'
but even more than that ....
to me our village is made up 
of more than the people
its the time spent creating wonderful memories
its the knowing people
& in that being loved in return
meshed, just like scrabble letters!
some wonderful memories from the last few weeks
of cricket games
1sts on the riBer
boogie boarding
bean bag tossing
card games
black gold fish
lost teeth
super stacks
some free style'n patchwork
knee board coaching
tennis hits
doggies back home
camp fires
6 degrees of separation discoveries
building, gap filling, painting & wiring walls
hanging doors & stuffing insulation
& water skiing of course!
(yes that is me further up!)
my cup runneth over
 enJOY your journey

Monday, January 6, 2014

she with the most ...

 so it started sometime a while back
with going halves in a whole lot
of lovely quality quilting cottons
& a great bulk buy of 'ribbons' which we spied as really bias binding!
yay ....
 then there was 4ths in
THE great big thread haul
which was a bit of a gamble
but for what we paid we figured
that if we went on face value plus one extra that was good value
whoooo hooo ... lets just say it was most certainly worth it!
each of us almost have the entire colour set!!
 & halves in this lovely lot too
& then there was some craziness
with a whole lot of denim & other lovelies
just had to be
yep there was a happy dance or so
you can even see the amazing micro suede
i made my cape from on the top of the pallet pile!
little people squeezed in between the rolls
there was some pink fur stroked all the way home!
.... and now to sew it up!
oh & do you think i might have a lifetime supply of thread perhaps!
i think so!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

fair stash & repros

 so you know
a girl has 'got-to-have' a great fabric stash hey!?
there may have been some great sales on lately ...
my deliberate fabric selection has changed a lot in the last year
i've gone from thinking fabric for items for markets
to sewing more clothing items for me
with some 'tweaking' to the fabric shopping list
in order to 'make' for a friend's new shop being opened in feb
very excited about that
so this bundle may have made its way home with me this week
some for me & some to sew to sell
stay tuned hey!
now back on the topic of 'stashing'
there's some innate desire to stash & own & treasure
with those who sew
sometimes the stashing can get in the way of the making
for women is it the 'gatherer' instinct
is it something to do with the temptation of the 'great sale'?
but i have to say that i love that when i 'need' to problem solve
a design element i can turn to my stash & the answer is there!
lucky me ....
so in the big furniture & sorting re-shuffle that happened
about our home last year with the completion & set-up of 'the studio'
we moved this fabulous wardrobe into my sewing room
(yes i am completely spoilt as i have an art studio & a sewing room!)
we've had this piece for years & its had a variety of uses
was a fantastic op shop buy a few years ago
my FIL fitted the shelves for me
there's a beveled mirror on each door as well
.... & since sewing more clothing having a mirror 
in your sewing room .... is very very handy!
i spent 3 evenings collecting all my fabrics from assorted storage
unfolded, pressed & refolded & sorted
yep ... totally worth it!
so when i say i've raided the 'top shelf'
i mean it .... dualities!

great story behind these little fishies
..... swim fishes swim along the grainline!

i have purchased lots of fabric on line in the past but this
last year has brought on much more expensive 'shipping' to australia
so yeah ..... not so much! to make it worth it you really need to buy bulk
& that's just not always necessary .....
and as well as that i've found more & more
that i like the thrill of finding & handling fabrics
that has a lot to do with the making clothing change
so rathdowne remnants & spotty & darn cheap fabrics
have been more frequented 
..... with no encouragement from others!?
their advice is gold

my recent spotty splash out - top pic
have you been to spotlight lately & seen there
vintage linen range? called?
well i did spot some IG discussion & some disapproval
of Spotty's choice here to reproduce these designs
for people who know 'fabric' to us they are
one of the designs from Denyse Schmidt's
Flea Market Fancy Free Spirit range 
from some years back by Westminster Fibers
 yeah that's true ..... but its also not
they are designs used early last century
that have no 'copy right' & may be used for reproduction
kind of makes you feel like you've been cheated a little huh!
can you spot the difference between them?
which is which?
left :: spotlight version in stores now - linen
right :: flea market fancy - quilters cotton
the spotty one being a linen is slightly more grainy looking of course
i love this design & i have absolutely NO issue with it being reproduced
& with the recent 40% off it made it very afforable
i only bought x1m & am now wishing i'd bought more

i came across this same reproduction issue a few years ago
when i found a little plate in an op shop 
i did .... i wrote to 'amy' ..... she/or one of her staff kindly wrote back to me
saying they'd investigate ... they did & explained
they also asked for my postal address ....
lucky me was sent some ab patterns of my choice!!
so no getting upset peoples .....
we do not live in an ideas vacuum
there really are very few 'original' ideas out there
support our bricks & mortar stores .... we need them
but what i would like to see happen
is some kind of coding as to where the fabrics were
'grown' ..... i'd love to know there fair-trade ratings!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

my village

love the 'village' reference
the people in our village are like gold
they make our lives
little slide show of some of what happened
in our village in 2013
its a good thing to look back to help you look forward
happy days ahead
enJOY your journey