Thursday, March 28, 2013

pocket hop

have a hop-pity easter
with love from me
& the big pocket buddy
an up-sized version
with a zipper pocket
... to keep all your treasures super safe
pattern coming soon

Sunday, March 24, 2013

you sew girl ...

 well i went shopping
introducing: my new handmade by nikki
laptop bag .... but to me it'll be a large satchel bag
yay ... has a laptop case included 
... which you know will be handy

 ms mallalieu had her sample clearance sale
oooh .... she is a wonder
an amazing australian designer
& an awesome teacher

 snapped up a few amazing buys
for me & for gifts

Thursday, March 21, 2013

day of colour

was your day filled with colour?

its "international day of colour"!
 what's your favourite?

mine is blue + yellow
did you work that one out?

there is a clear winner going on in my life
has been for a 'while' ....
somehow i just gravitate towards .....
... green

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

bamboo blankets

 sent off more parcels today
stock for the wonderful shop handmade in our ACT
 i love these blankets
simple patchwork piecing
show casing great fabrics & combos
with some amazing australian grown bamboo fabric

 in fact one of these days i really should make myself a large one
they wash up so well
they travel perfectly
they're colourful & modern & stylish
sort of in-between a quilt & a blanket
made from quality cotton fabrics that .... well basically...
you'd just never find at a mainstream baby gift shop
one of a kind
that's the beauty of handmade

 yep ...  & i have great pleasure in the 'making'
my own design of course so if you'd like one
i would be more than happy to help out
in fact i've just had x2 orders to be made soon as i can
one with yellows & giraffes
the other all animal party in primary colours to match
this little bunting number made for the baby shower
 yep .... can do that whole make-to-order thing ....
so if you're in need of the perfect baby gift ...
 bamboo is....
anti bacterial
soft & snugly
pesticide free
cool in summer
warm in winter
& this bamboo is australian grown

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

pocket buddies with floppy ears & a SALE

 loaded up lots of handmade goodies into my
yay ....
just in time for Easter .... lots of them are in fact Bunnies
the hop-ity hop variety
so yeah
that pocket on their front
use it for all your treasures or love notes
designed & handmade by me
pattern coming soon if you're keen!
there's a SALE on over at my online store too
on all my handpainted wooden brooches!
only $5 au ... bargain!!
only x1 left in most colours ...
check it out ... 10% off for VIPs spending over $50 too...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

paint on walls

 do love a bit of paint on walls
be it a form of beauty in some tasteful vandalism
perhaps commissioned 'wall art'
or some vintage old-school advertising
makes our urban world that little bit more human in my book

do you know your Melbourne wall art?
can you tell me where?

Thursday, March 7, 2013


i have like 500 hundred thousand
works in progress
'so' did not 'need' to start another
but the whole free-styling scrappy small quilt thing
gets me every time ...
the little peaces were calling to me
started on our run-away sewing weekend
top finished the other eve when i should have been making binding ...
very 'pink' for me ... i'm liking it lots
the orange now balances it in my eye
& its so very symmetrical!!
a few tricky circus elephants for 'personal consumption only'
& some very 'last of' ... fabric scraps in there
i have a plan for this one & others ...
"... yep" going to have x1 on the end of each downstairs bunk bed
@ our cabin ... that handmade life
joining in with lots of others & their wips ...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

individual consumption

have you read the small print?
its right there in ink
down the long selvege edge ... repeated
just say'n ....
i've seen handmade works created with fabrics such as these
that have been for sale on line & at markets ...
big big trouble in the chook house peoples
if you make items for sale using such fabrics
be careful .... the wording may vary
but the meaning is the same ....
.... sometimes on unexpected fabric ranges
so be aware!!

"sold for non commercial home use"
"for individual use only"
"for personal use only and not intended for commercial sale"
& my current favourite ...
"license required for any use beyond individual consumption"


 'sew' there-was-a-whole-lota ....
sewing & chatting & eating & laughing
scraps & steam ironing & fun-ish & hints & unpicking
ran away with 2 of my most favourite crafty peeps
to our little spot on the murray
i achieved lots but finished nothing
but check out Sam's large whirly gig quilt top
i would like to make one now too
skies were all blue blue blue