Tuesday, October 23, 2012

shop handmade & pop up bundles ...

some lovely hand stitched embellished bundles
new baby singlets & body suits

& ready to go for the pop up shop on saturday
... sweet little spunky skirts for little girls
these have been so much fun to make
love mixing up the fabrics combos
some are well 'matched' & some are a little 'out there'

 loads more great colour combos
with these crochet flower barrettes / brooches 
.... yes they can be worn both ways!
& more spunky colour with lots of kids
long & short sleeve tops
 ... most have a little something on the back as well
i'm sure sometime earlier this week i mentioned it would be all about 
the pop up popping up .... yep .... more to come
hope you're enjoying my show n'tell?
lots of what you are seeing will be headed into my
on-line shop that will soon be .... stay tuned ... it will happen ...

1 comment:

Cas said...

oh my lord, you have been busy. wondered where you disappeared in real life!! looking forward to seeing you in the flesh at pop up shop :)