Saturday, October 27, 2012

pop up feista ...

 had a wonderful day hanging out with
 photos above & below are shots of works
made by these creative ladies
 we decided that the individual 'look' each of us has ...
.... complemented the others as a great collection
for our successful 1st ever Pop Up Shop
Thanks so much Anna ... we love your Polly Pratt Studio
 adore this guy
made by Felicity ... he's a jumbo ... yep he's a biggie
check again ... the 2nd pic ... see is he is big hey!
 so i've had a great time this week
getting it all together as you have seen
was very satisfying to have it all on display again
& even better to have people come on by
who like your work ... excellent
thank you people!
 was also fabulous to catch up with lots of crafty minded bloggy people
yay for blogs ....

little ikea expedition last week
led me to find just the right way to display my new clip collection
great little drawer system ... love the customer interaction
 so there is more to come
with this collection of hand made or hand selected
..... hARTylittlepeaces .... that shop ... it's coming soon!!
pssttt .... i adore these dolls ... do you?


Karen said...

Looks gorgeous - so sorry I missed it.
I adore those little girls - they are so cute, it makes it hard to choose.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Was lovely to meet you on Saturday. Look forward to crossing paths again sometime.

riki jorden said...

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