Monday, October 1, 2012

thrifty riBer hop .... blogtoberfest

 whisked away this past weekend once again
was a little thankyou to some of the amazing helpers
from our Playful Market
so spent some time at our riBer cabin
thanks for a fun time miriam, katrina, amanda, kate & genna
just the "ladies" this time ... plus Oscar
had to have another wagon group pic taken ....
a op shop hop was in order on Sat morning
3 op shops out of the 6 i know of in Echuca/Moama
& the farmers market .... lovely time
and then on Sun morning a fun visit to the Moama market
& the Little Birdie's market & the Port ....
.... to taste some Port ... & see the "steamers"
 so here are some more thrifty finds
there are distinct patterns here if you notice
some Tups ... 
children's books/toys
something for me
something for the studio/market stall
something retro ....
do you spot it .... oooh ???
when i spotted this aqua blue jar i was almost jumping out of my skin!
you see i have been collecting for years these retro jars ....
some have had cork tops & some glass lids like this one
i love the siluette shape without a top ...
they are lined up in a quirky spot ....
but until now i have only managed
red & orange & yellow & mustard & emerald green & brown
 the count thus far is 15
ranging from about 12cm to 22 ish
great classic retro colour palette
but i know the aqua is out there ....
my mum has a couple!
she needs to keep an eye on them or they may 'walk' my way!
.... but i found one .... & now it's found a new home
yeah i've searched on eBay & often found them
they go for too much in my book
& there's not quite the same thrill of the find in that!
... so yay for up-cycling ....
 joining in with Blogtoberfest once again ....
so stay tuned  .... you can join in too
today is day 1 .... thanks Kat!!

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nicole kane said...

sounds like a great weekend!!
and what a fab jar!!
happy blogtoberfest!