Wednesday, April 23, 2014

enJOY your journey

 i'm wondering if i can explain my absence from this space
and add a thrifty reference or two?
a journey of new found items & ideas
both worthy of the treasure
collecting the 'interesting' is a part of me
i adore the adventure & the thrill
the fact that they have been someone's previous story is cool too
so over summer these are a few ... from near & far
up-cycled colour & clothing to adorn & wear
practical & cute vessels for a purpose
fun elements & stories that enrich
ethnic elements that tell of a passion for culture

 yeah i've been missing from here for the longest while
i've been on a little journey of the heART
i've been enJOYing that journey
trying to decide if my hARTylittlepeaces blog
has come to an 'end of a season' ??
or maybe just needs to 'be' a little less than before
i have lots of balls in the air you see
creatively of course the main one is my
its my passion & i hope that this shows through in all i do
& in the recent, paraphrased, complimentary words of another::
"running small is becoming more rare
when others see what you're doing, they want to be a part of it to
you have the right core values & i think what you're doing is amazing"

& the feedback, support & actual number of student enrollments
shows me that i am .... i have mostly full-to-the-brim classes
the few holiday workshops were so in-demand, that i added more
& i have a waiting list for some of the weekly groups
#mycuprunnethover #iloveteachingart

currently most of my head space is filled with this focus
it truly is a dream come true
so finding a fresh balance in this moment is where i am
i still want & need to feed my soul & be creative myself
& i'm hoping to paint again  ... you know, i have my own STUDIO
to actually paint in .... 
& i have so so many things i'd like to sew .... & make
and so to blog or not?
i will be blogging more over here
& these days i'm on fb a whole lot more
& i have a new love in ig as littlesmartysstudio 
which kinda makes sense - since my world is v v visual
i really want to love what i do
not let it rule what i do
i think i'm finding it ....