Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Away from Home!!

Hey there . . .
For those of you who know me well you'll
understand when I say that I love the colour GREEN!
"Green" because our visit to Austria would be the best word to describe the landscape other than spectacular, stunning, world heritage, etc

You see the light in the northern hemisphere is different.
Colours are clearer!
Our Aussie light is somewhat coloured by the "browness" of our landscape!
Austria is fresh & perfectly landscaped everywhere just like a postcard!

The week before we heralded London as home . . .
Did the usual . . . Changing of "HMR" guard at the Palace . . .
Stomped the grounds of Henry V111 . . .
The marvelous London Eye . . .
Craig likes an aerial view of kind . . .
(Stopped counting how many Funiculars we ascended in Bavaria!)
our little boy who is just wanting run about all over!He's a legend!
Long flights all over the globe & hardly a winging moment!
He waves at everyone & casts a spell . . . & they love him more!
We say he's our secret weapon or the X-Factor!

So that's a quick sum up of the last few weeks . . .
back in London tonight & flying to the USA in the morning . . .
Thanks for reading my blog Sam . . . . sorry no pics yet!
Love ya all xxxx
PS - Going shopping big time in the States . . . Yay!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to: Zipper Pouch Tutorial

This is a fantastic, very quick way to make a
neatly finished Zipper Pouch!
(Photo by Julie K also)
I love it!
If you don't have the place mat to start with
you could of course sew 2 pieces of fabric together! So easy!
Thankyou to Julie- K . . . new blog I've found today!
I love the way she is completely into 'Up-Cycling'
. . . one of my new things to . . .
. . . stay tuned to see some
of my up-cycling projects . . .


. . . unrelated to the block swap . . .
Oscar was just playing with his shadow!
Clever boy! Didn't get my camera in time!


Playing with/in the Toy Box/Basket!
I got in there myself you know!
Life is so fun hey!

For those Tups fans . . . look carefully!

Monday, July 6, 2009


We've had 3 Block Swap Nights now!
The mix of blocks is now starting to take shape & I'm loving the results!
I have an extra couple . . . my original samples . . .
Purples & Greens . . . Yay!
This one below: made by Sam . . . great work Sam!
& without too much blood spilled!
I love the 4 different triangles!
Hey & this one below: made by Kylie . . . challenging herself to make
not-quite-so-obviously-symmetrical . . . blocks!
Yay Kylie!

Great evening spent talking, making, inspiring, eating & a drink or 2!
We missed you . . .
Louise, Lisa(We'll meet you sometime!), Katherine, Jo & Lizzie

What became of the Chocolate theme?

For our dear friend's baby . . .
With love from the 2 Wendy's!
What fun a Nappy Cake can be!
For a Baby Shower Celebration . . . new Baby to arrive any day now!

Disapearing 9 Patch Block Swap

I've made my x10 Nine Patch Blocks for the swap organised by
'Aunty Pity Pats'
You make the 9 Patch & then you cut these right down
the centre in both directions . . .
ta da . . .
Now there are 4 new blocks that can be re-arranged any which way!
I'll be sending these to Marcel in Kansas this week . . .
just got to work on my little 'thankyou' gift for her . . .
Yes - for those of you who know
I have a brother named Marcel . . . there is another
somewhere in this world of ours!
So Marcel McN - they are heading your way shortly!

When I was 16!

I've been working on sorting out more stuff . . .
too much stuff but alot of it is too good to give away!
I found this quilt top . . .
I made it when I was in Year 9
. . . using the Dick Bruna alphabet . . . He's the creative brain & illustrator behind 'Miffy' . . .
my youngest brother used to have the alphabet frieze
running around the top of his bed room walls.
What memories . . .
Now what do i do with it?
Do I finish it?
Do I change it?
I'm not mad over the lemon yellow sashing anymore!
Hmmm . . . will think on this one!