Sunday, June 30, 2013

new studio :: week 4

doors are in
plumbing all sorted
 insulation up
electrical roughed in
t&g arrived & ready
extra window ordered
plaster up
no rain has been a blessing
and now thinking about paint
what colours?? 
i have some ideas of course
bit of scraping & sanding prep
edit : interior - going to 'play' with the paint colours
just a little ...
exterior - is going to match existing!
it may seem confusing but these
exterior old sun-beaten weather boards
are one of the now interior walls
love that bit of quirky

Saturday, June 22, 2013

the gift of sharing

a note on sharing
what do you share?
we share our lives with our family & friends
we share our love with special people who warm our hearts
we share our homes with people we care deeply for
we share our thoughts & wishes
we share our skills in our work place & in our homes
we share our gifts .... or do we?
way back last advent....
 ann our director of Wellspring spoke 
about the 3 wise men & their journey
a journey that for certain had many physical obstacles
those wise men carried gifts
gifts for a king
a king sent to save us all
sent to share his love
to share his word
to share his life
perfect model for all of mankind
got me thinking then & i keep revisiting about
how i share my 'gifts'
been reflecting on what my gifts are?
i am an artist, a maker & a teacher
i naturally want to share ideas
 ann made the point
that if we ALL actually 'shared' our gifts
instead of hoarding them for 'some day'
(when is 'some day'??)
the peace that we all search for would

God asks us ...
to share
to act justly
to love mercy
to walk humbly
Micah 6:8

in our 'humanness' we all find it hard to share
sharing means that we have to take a risk
we find ourselves overwhelmed with timetabled commitments
 with loyalties, we protect our individuality, we hoard
... or simply we are fearful
fear is such a powerful matter of the mind
that can cripple us from our path
now .... i'm going to
my thoughts about:
sharing & blogging
might be a touchy subject ..... 
so be warned or simply ... do not read on!

when you are a blogger you are naturally sharing
...sharing ideas or feelings or thoughts
its personal
(but its my blog so i can essentially blog what i like!)

i will often write in comments i leave for other bloggers
"thanks for sharing" .... as i appreciate what it takes to actually share!
when the un-spoken rules of blogging etiquette are ignored
its hard to take
hard because you've shared yourself
& then the response has not been
or humble
or respectful
in all of history there has never & never will be a vacuum of ideas
the history
of architecture
of art
of food 
of farming
of dance
of music
of literature
of science
of story telling
every single creative mind has been
so of course if you read a lot of blogs
then you to will be influenced & inspired
it kind of ...
is the point
but the very personal element of this is ...
really the ideas of someone
albeit on their blog
are that person's intellectual property
so no one should really be
pinching ideas
the nature of blogging as an absolute has
no vacuum!
on one hand if you do not wish for your ideas to be 'pinched'
then simply don't blog about them
but what if they are purchased items?
when the detail has not been disclosed via multi-media?
what if as an original idea no-one 'owns' the copyright
but the way you've made something is uniquely yours as far as you know it to be?
so when we are influenced
 ... we pinch ideas or 'elements of'
it can't be helped in one sense
its why the www works
information & ideas spread quickly
nothing is original 
i've made plenty of things that have in no way
been my original idea
but as you may have read ....
i am proud of how i tweak it my way
so people ....
work on making it your way
& not directly or indirectly copying it
copying with no credit is not polite, its stealing, especially for gain
copying for no profit with no credit is still not polite
copying with permission & credit is the way to go
or simply make it completely different
i share from time to time
'how-to-make' stuff
often, none are my ideas essentially
but you know .... they've been given my wendy-tweak
so that makes them original right? ... or does it?
kind of yes but not
so i don't hold the 'rights' to them
yet does anyone?
grey area hey!
so 'share' people with full grace
share your ideas where appropriate
task risks
that way we'll all 'feel the love' ....
& the rebounds of sharing will be abundant!
if you'd like to make a comment on this subject you are most welcome
i may or may not choose to publish your words
if you have been a sharing blogger you too may have
found that sometimes sharing can backfire & be hurtful
perhaps even hurtful enough to not wish to share or blog-on?
not by anything you have done but from the actions of others
let me know how you handled it
if what i've had to say
'hits home'
 in some way
consider it, reflect on it ....
 i have considered these words long & hard
i hope that they will be understood as they are intended
so how will you use the gift you can give?
the gift of sharing?
take that risk
believe that the rewards will be great indeed
for if no one were to share
this world would be a very sad place indeed!

Friday, June 21, 2013

new studio :: week 3

 decking is mostly built
every single screw is pre-drilled
yep that's the way to do it .... properly
studio walls & roofing & guttering almost there
that has not been an easy job as access is not great!
door frames in
large high windows in
plumbing sorted
lots of sawdust
steps happening

 taking shape little by little
loving the feel of the space
those weather boards are staying
more painting to be done

 and i may have done some
cabinetry shopping today
a little swedish store i know
has plenty of choices when it come to flat packs
mmmm yep .... something like that
a place to wash your hands
& the brushes & the gluey stuff

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

one-a-penny-two-a-penny ....

 "HOT cross buns"
a dozen of them
 freshly baked
"HOT off the press"
 all a bit wonky
the way i like it
randomly cut sort-of rectangles
sliced in half
add a strip
press towards the strip so it sits higher
 slice it again at right angles
add another strip
& there you have a "HOT cross bun"
usually baked at Easter
but you know .... 
tweaking it to work with the whole
 in no time at all
your dozen will be done
note the use of a very funky newspaper print below
hence the "HOT off the press" .... love dualities
& a little extra b&w
yeah ... there is always an excpetion to the rule
my own rule about colour plus white ... 
(still waiting for that blog post aren't you?)
 piece them together
love the serendipity of fabric choices
& colour placement
yes they are all wonky & wrong
wasn't too happy with myself at one point ....
for not measuring anything
.... but then it might be a little 'too' contrived
to my eye if i had ...
 what on earth is all this for you ask?
its my entry for the "Hottie Challenge'
which is a fabulous fundraising exhibition
of HOT water bottle covers
some are actually useable too ..... mine isn't
but it has great aesthetic value!!


raising funds for the
has organised a whole heap of entries
i joined in ..... love a community arty crafty project
that brings people of all sorts & skills together
remind you of anything .... full circle maybe?
so the HOTTIE Challenge exhibition
is on at the Open Drawer
1158 Toorak Road, Camberwell
right near the Summerhill Road T intersection
from the 5th - 28th July

 "HOT off the press
HOT cross buns
HOT under the collar"
 its ... a little bit cheeky
i like it that way
 when you read these 'personals' up-close
you'll see why some of them are
a little "HOT under the collar" ...
... back to the penny bit
it is a fundraiser after all
you can visit & vote
with your pennies .... i think that's how it works?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

wintry woodend retreat

it seems that there is nothing quite like 
running away from the everyday
from time to time
set on the edge of the small country town of woodend
easy to get there 
once you've actually managed to walk out the front door!
so from friday lunch until sunday late
complete delight spent with crafty minds
i worked on a couple of long sleeve renfrew tops
some 'jama pants
moved onto something a little more challenging
the lisette tunic dress in a very retro fabric 
with orange, which made it even more retro
i love it but it will need to be 'styled' just right
to make sure it not a bit costume-y
there were some hand quilting stitches added to a christmas figgy pudding quilt
& i cut out a new look dress
pattern & fabric bought earlier this year
very summer-y but well you know
you never know when you might click your fingers
& be somewhere warmer sooner rather than later!
check back later for some
photos of these finishes
(having not really posted much on wearable makes
... i'm not yet up with the whole take a pic while wearing it thing!)
we all took ourselves on a little into town excursion
into the brisk cool mountainous air
up the main road
a right, past the catholic church with its round arches!
along the way & onto the auction house
yep .... there was a HUGE i mean massive
deceased estates auction set for the sunday
with an amazing collection of truly vintage haberdashery
& collectables
some very sweet wooden display boxes & drawers
might have been one just perfect for a recently acquired thread haul
also lovely 1900's shop counter that i did work out 
would have 'just' fitted into my car ....
ooooh how i would have liked to have taken
some of these treasures home ..... went had a look-see at the auction
but alas ..... not quite my budget
but a great experience
seemed half the town was there for the entertainment
hope those lucky new owners speak lovingly to those special items like, forever!?
oh & there was the most extrodinary quilt
apparently made over 50 years
tiny tiny little hexagons
silky fabrics 
all completely...
hand stitched .... the maker slowly went blind
& it was huge ....
wonderful time spent away
thankyou for your friendships
your gift of sharing knowledge your caring actions
your words your stories your company on this journey

Friday, June 14, 2013

new studio :: week 2

base floor
all systems go
 stud walls
supporting beams
design details
so excited
structural timbers
some rain
 leaps and bounds
suddenly there is a space emerging
it has a great vibe
loving it

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

flutter bys

did some sweet little
water colour paintings
on commission

Saturday, June 8, 2013

heART a craft :: studio styling

"heART a craft"
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.5

so now that you know... i've
been working away on a little
studio project
long awaited
so amazed that it is finally happening
i've dreamt about it in daydream moments
... its nearly the time to style it 
'just right'
or rather ...
to start out on a journey
of an ever evolving studio style
there may have been some favourite light fittings ordered
went for white .... what is wrong with me??
lots of thinking & imagining ....
so, 'well' ..... there's just ...
nothing like having a little secret sneaky look in other people's studios
here are a few
that capture 'something' 
of what i'm aspiring to
pintrested but today i'm having issues working out original sources.....
workspace- if we get an apartment that has a divided common area (like living and dining) we should turn one into a work/art/writing space 
love the industiral but not institutional vibe
metal & wood plus pops of colour
liking the black but not sure if i will do?
from somewhere ....
then this one below:
IsabelleTuchband.theselby_4 from
of which there is something about
the proportion of space that i think will be simular
not so many windows but that morning light will be there
pintrested here
YESSSSS > I would really like to find a flat file cabinet for my art that is as perfect as this one 
like the soft aqua blue of this
again industrial ... won't have enough space to dedicate to drafting drawers
but there is an essence here...
now this next shot
is actually another art studio classroom set up
i like the one wall of colour
this user friendly nature of the furniture
simple child appropriate & pops of colour once again
like the hanging chairs too ... have done that other places in the past
might re-visit that idea too ...
School room/craft area
and this one below
always loved the versatility of wires & clips
another previously done by me idea
a time worn re-visit
they are a must
as is storage for shallow flat larger papers & art works
wheels .... there will be chunky industrial looking castors on whatever i can
& quirky storage or display containers
i am so looking forward to all things radiant
beautiful simple practical interesting
keeping my eyes peeled all the time for things that will 'work'
Alex drawers from Ikea: Lindsay Stetson Thompson -- Nice Idea for my Atelier <3
so blend up those ideas with a few that i haven't thought of yet
& a little bit of senrendipity
.... can hardly wait to move in!!
just to leave you with a thought .... from
ref: a favorite book i chat about over here
there will be plenty of problem solving going on
in my element
my creative wish: words of wisdom

Friday, June 7, 2013

new studio :: week 1

so excited
... that i almost have no words
my longed for studio
is actually becoming reality
 it will completely change
how we use & what is housed in every room in our home
already there's been furniture juggling
& 'art resources' sorted
 so the build started last week
demolition done
those tricky levels sorted
we've had a bit of rain since then
so stump holes turned to muddy pits
gum boots squelched
timber has arrived by the truck loads
 the joists are in
progress so far has been quick
so studio plus a super huge deck plus a storage space
oooh yeah!
& we will still have the cricket ground
this space below is the floor area
of the actual studio
its going to have a 4m high ceiling
wonderful eastern morning light

will be quirky & have loads of character
just the way i like it
stud walls appearing
ugly exposed plumbing being hidden & sorted
window & door frames have arrived
my job ..... is to prime these this weekend
like to help??
i'm sure i could find you a paint brush!!
 stay tuned for further updates
i am enJOYing the journey
but .... there are some things about a reno/build
that seriously .... not much fun
but am so so so thankful that were are able to make this happen
lucky lucky me .... my cup runneth over!