Sunday, July 21, 2013

party like a parrot & be a cool cat

yes the animals all partied!
there was puppy popcorn & hot dogs
dog biscuits
and pin-the-bow-on-the-kitty-cat
doggy bingo
cat cookies
musical critters
& puppy cake pops
oh & the most stunning rainbow pets paradise 
birthday cake!!
well done super mum!!
all to celebrate a young lady's 5th Birthday
hope you had a fabulous day Miss G & we're so glad you love 'Jess'
it was dress up time of course...
process went something like this:
me: "What would you like to dress up as Oscar?"
O: "a dog"
me: "excellent .....
so we go shopping for a hoodie for my usual costume conversion trick!
was thinking a 'dog' type colour
hmmm .... boys colours are so boring!
so we scanned the girls' section ....
the choice was made - turquoise
me: "Oscar, are you sure you would like to be a 'green' dog?"
O: "Yes I want to be green!"
me: "ok then .... " nothing like a challenge!
later ..... me: "how about being a green frog?"
O: "No, I don't like frogs!"
later .....
me: "How about being a green bird??" 
O: " ooooh yes I want to be a green PARROT!"
me: " awesome!!" 
(thought to myself ... whew! 
... worked out it was just all about being green!
have i brainwashed my child???)
so set about collecting as many green, aqua & turquoise 
fabric scraps
 cut a few 'feather' shapes & a couple of wings & tail
randomly placed & pinned & stitched rows of 'feathers'

 sliced the hoodie in the appropriate places
have got to mention that the inside out, right sides facing
encasing wings thing was actually a little tricky
but it worked yay!
sew in wings & tail feather
add a few details, a beak & eyes

go on .... fly little green parrot, be free!
and party like its 1999
shake that tail feather

he loved it!& i love it .....
what a fabulous party
lovely time in our 'village'

Friday, July 19, 2013

thrifty finds

haven't been out scanning the op shops lately
as i usually end up finding great things
that i just 'have' to have ...
mmmm .... went this week
found awesome things
that i just 'had' to have!
could hardly believe my eyes when i spotted that metal tree
i have always loved that design
given a few as gifts & have a huge wooden one
also another brown - made in Belgium jar
ooooh .... goodness
also my wonderful bloggy friend Bron
found me one of these:
 squeal ...... its aqua & is stunning
& its really large ....
& looks just perfect sitting next to its friend
oh & an addition to my collection
thanks Bron you rock!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

sewing for me

been squirrelling away on a couple of 
secret crafty projects
... stay tuned for those to be revealed
but i have been consistently 
sewing some clothes for me
slightly addicted to the idea actually

the fabric has quite the story
& to be honest I really didn't like it much on me
at first
it has since grown on me
& i've styled it my way
the neck piece has another travel story to it
found in an amazing bazaar in zimbabwe
when i went there on a craft teaching mission trip
its actually ethiopian i think
i'd love to know more about it
how items end up in 'other' places  facinates me
so seems a fitting accessory to pair with a fabric from remote china
to be worn by an australian who was born in switzerland
joining in with
make it wear it

Monday, July 15, 2013

heART a craft :: vintage dresser

"heART a craft"
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.7

 i've always loved a vintage dresser
you know, a kitchen cabinet
the ones that right up until the 1950's ...
housed everything you needed in your kitchen
before the days of formica & permanently fitted units
no caesar stone, kickers or soft closing drawers
they held all the crockery & utensils
as well as food stapels & even the perishables
sometimes they even had the 'meat safe' buit-in!
'meat safe' .... back in those 'olden days'
what is a 'meat safe' you ask?
cute video that tells you all about one of our great Aussie inventions!
so i've been hunting on ebay for ages
looking for just the right
vintage kitchen dresser to put in my new studio
i was looking for one with great character of course!
little compartments & drawers
was keen for one that had an access space
yep found it .... bid & won yay!!
perfect proportion, size & function
this is it - although i do quite like all of the above as well!
the blue is of course all 'just the wrong' fit for me
but that's only paint & paint i can 'do'!
i really love it & i know where its going
& its waiting sitting patiently for the big move
stay tuned for a revamp & styling update at some stage!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

P52 :: Wk2

a women's work wear look
for a SAHM
who chats on skype
.... well that's kind of me but the whole skype thing is yet to take off!
but i am a blogger .... 
& an artist
so i thought i'd give myself a challenge
& do something very very quirky to match
if you've been following along lately
i've not long been back into sewing clothes for myself

so what does every SAHM need
= because that is so easy to throw on over a top & looks glam
and some SHORT SHORTS ....
= because every girl needs to be just a little cheeky at times!!
( i love this look ..... just ignore my weird expression!)
 been longing to make myself a cape since
i saw this lady's clever versions ...
but i was keen on a hood
so found a fab pattern by Andrea Pannell
i made the medium size in the petite length
cute with great swing
love the way the fabric feels, its weight & movement 
drapes really nicely
a recent fabulous bulk lot find
proved fruitful this week .... with a truly great 
warwick micro suede fabric
just perfect for a cape .... a colour i love & feel good in
paired it with a long time hoarded hope valley
denyse schmidt cotton
i really really love how it has turned out
i know i will wear this lots
 now i have to tell you that i was amazed at how simple this was to sew
but it was definately something new for me
fabric i'd not sewn with before 
not really sewn alot with linings
a button .... what? i don't usually 'do' buttons 
but this one is more like an accessory!
i will make another cape again for sure!!
 so now a massive step up with the 
degree of difficulty
yep it was up there with these 
short shorts
seriously felt like i had bitten off way more than i could chew at one point
whilst there are a number of mistakes i'm still pretty pleased with the result
changed the pattern up a bit with showing the lining fabric as a feature instead
my first ever time sewing a fly .... i really really studied those instructions
yep they are short aren't they ...
i was dressing the look 'up' here 
.... got to do that when you're getting ready to skype hey!
if you know me you'll know that this kind of quirky is so 'me'
really enjoying being creative with my sewing at the moment
i am an art teacher & this whole look is just right
might wear more durable opaque tights with these shorts for real however!
but i don't mind a shorts look with tights & boots
 oh & i hope you noticed the extra 'styling'
as that was part of the brief hey?
those bangles ... up cycled some by cutting long fabric strips
from both the ds hope valley lining fabrics
bit of wellbond glue wind them up
& leave to dry
worn with a renfrew top in a silky bronze that i made up
a few weeks ago ...
pretty pleased i can put together a look that is all made by me!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

new studio :: week 6

more sanding of the now internal weather board walls
1st undercoat layer & on the brickwork too
with a little help from my FIL & small kid!
funky pendant lights
groovy swivel wall lights
light switches power points etc
& stylish fans are now up
plaster all sanded
floor has also been sanded
& 3 coats of varnish
looking beautiful
all the new exterior weather boards
all now in place
almost there ....
wonderful journey

sewing for me

a long time back i used to make myself clothes all the time
but somewhere along the line 
i talked myself out of it ...
the overlocker i used to own was a bit fickle ... &
started saying it was easier & cheaper to just buy them!
i guess that is true with some things but depends what you're looking for?
i'm a big fan of re-using & so have plenty of great second hand finds
sometimes i'd prefer it new or just 'right'
or something quirky
or a certain colour or look perhaps??
now having my new 'toy'
i've been having a great time lately sewing for me again! yay
the hardest part is remembering to grab someone to take a pic while 
i'm wearing what i've made so that i can show you!
 here's another 'nikki a-line skirt' to show you
lighter weight fabric with the oranges & greens i love
it 'works' with my ankle boots & layers
& its wasn't at all expensive to make
as it was a rathdowne remnants actual remnant
& the best bit .... the satisfying feeling of it being
handmade by me
oh & i've been re-considering lots of my long-time
stashed fabrics .... some i have plans for once again
& some .... i've moved past
so i've been de-stashing yep!!
as in selling it to someone who see it differently to me!
win win
joining in
make it wear it

Thursday, July 11, 2013

penguin parade

lovely time at Phillip Island
last week with friends
one chilly evening spent
waiting & watching for the little penguins
just pretending for a moment that i am
andy warhol ....

Monday, July 8, 2013

P52 :: Wk1 (take2)

 ok so i really wasn't happy with my
entry for week 1 of Project 52 Weekly Fashion Challenge
it didn't have the creative edge that was part of the challenge
& that wasn't a good fit for me!
but that was yesterday ....
but today the lovely nicole decided to extend the deadline
 well if you know me & there is still time left ... i will do something!
so one of my original ideas was to
kind of create my own geometric fabric
by layering some jersey knits
News Flash
i was the runner up

 i had thought i'd do something with a carefully mapped out
grid but ..... well short on time .... again
& the thought was to just eye ball it
not a grid but i did sew lots of angled straight lines
& they do add up to a geometric grouping!!

i cut the pattern out .... twice
two different colours for the front & back
then i sewed the two layers together with all these criss-crossing lines
 then there was the cutting
this actually took the most time
pinching up the top layer & cutting
its all a bit raw edged but i figure with a wash it will curl up
i don't mind a deconstructed look
 pieced together
pattern is Seafarer T shirt by
this is my 'take two'
its got that 'creative' input that was missing
happy now!!
(ps ..... chopping away did feel a little year 9 garment-construction-class-ish!!)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

P52 :: Wk1

project 52
weekly fashion challenge
well .... it was all about
making a 'geometric' top
i had some grand ideas
you know .... the week has turned out 
to be rather full ....
so i just went for simple to start with
a geometric fabric
that i have hoarded from a
trip to china
to what was an isolated village
in the moutains ... guilin
i remember the shop .... piled high 
with the most amazing fabrics
all so long ago now
not sure i've done the fabric justice really
or do the pics help any
its late & dark
& when i look at these pics
i feel like i'm wearing a nurses uniform
but in reality it feels ok
i'll style it up with some chunky beads & a layered top
.... i'll be back sometime with an edit to this post perhaps!!

i actually love this pattern
its the Lisette Portfolio Dress Pattern
the tunic short top version
i've made it as the dress & love it
yeah .... i'll post about that one soon-ish
wishing sooo sooooo much that i had done the contrast
i originally planned

oh & do you like the paint still on my hand
yep - been busy today
church & lunch & the hottie challenge gala event
& painting walls in the studio
& then sewing for this P52 ...

hotties off the press

 so pleased to have able to have been
i posted with the run down
as to what its all about
this afternoon was the gala opening
great to catch up with some other creative minds
some seriously talented people out there
hotties from all over australia & hong kong & nz
how good is that
well done Cam ... you rock!

you may know i love a good community project
might have another up my sleeve for later this year
so stay tuned
a few faves below
love your work cath .... & that p&g fabric too!!
 more hottie reading
over here and here and here

so yep
it was
HOT off the press
with a dozen
HOT cross buns
and all a little
HOT under the collar
loved the Hottie Challenge for 2013
its on until the 28th July
go & vote with a penny or two!