Monday, October 29, 2012

the gateway ...

the gateway to the kingdom of heaven is everywhere
in every moment of every day
every where you are
every conversation
every opportunity

we're human & we fail
but we can make the choice to choose
to walk through the gateway to the kingdom
in every moment
there are moments when someone says or does something
that i have been witness to, heard about or have been subject to personally
moments that leave me dumb-founded
reeling from someone's extreme choice to turn away

turning away from the very simple opportunity 
that Christ put right in front of all of us
a choice to say something appropriate
something kind
something up lifting
to be joyful
to have grace
to be caring
to be gentle
to be patient
to find peace
to have faith
to be good
to have self control
perhaps bite your tongue
or say nothing at all?

all of this 
in one moment 
sounds tricky to do
but really .... c'mon .... choose one & it will be easy when you think it through
 then step by step work at it

to add to this ... we being 
the adults 
... we're the role models remember
perhaps to our own children ... & also to the others in our villages
you set the scene to influence them for life
work on it ... if not for yourself ... for them
& then maybe you will find it for you also
think people think 
... think how it might be 
to be on the other side of that comment or action?

i like to think that most of the time i choose to walk through that gateway by choice
i hope i choose the way that is best in most moments
 i know certainly fail plenty.... i know instantly when i do
when i'm grumpy or frustrated or stressed
i have to remind myself to try & to always be working at it
we are each a work in progress of course!
so ... chin up make the best of that moment
& work on the next one to make that even better
so that you choose to walk through the gateway of heaven
by your words & actions
enJOY your journey

Galatians: Chapter 5 verses 22-23


Karen said...

Oh Wendy, based on the day I have had, Amen to all that you wrote.
For me it's about remembering that we need to think how we would feel if something we say in a moment of anger, would feel if said to us.
Think about whether you would want that said to you, how it would make you feel and whether it is necessary and/or kind.
Very poignant post. Xx

Katherine said...

Yes, we all have a journey. Individual and unique. Some people show their journey for all to see. Others keep it hidden away, pain may be too great. We all hurt, we all fail, we all wish we were more. May we embrace more joy and patience. Less of me, more of Him.

P.S Oscar, you dear boy xx