Thursday, November 15, 2012

creative market spaces

i really enjoy the one on one
interaction with people
in a handmade market space
... had a lovely time last saturday at
the east doncaster baptist church christmas market
we have various family members there 
& is always nice to have personal connections!

this week has been all about
preparations for the Playful Market - Christmas edition
a some time spent
baking up 
some more goodies for
this saturday
come along ... 6 local australian designers & creative minds

so there's my creative space this week ... 
joining in over here!

Monday, November 12, 2012

arm's length

 so this creative problem solving little guy of ours
likes to 'play' with most things in a different way
long cardboard tubes have been 
boom gates
washing lines
twirling batons
tunnels & ski ropes 
this last week or so
what started out being a quiet painting session
turned into some
arm's length body art
when i wasn't watching!
wonderful creativity
& a bit of an 'arrhhhhh' .... 
"just don't touch anything ...."
 he was so proud of all his little
brush marks
& honestly i loved it!
not sure this should become a habit
& he just wouldn't stand still to get a
great pic ...

Friday, November 9, 2012

ready set go: christmas markets

 peace doves
happy clouds
retro modern flowers
stylized elephants
 hand selected designs
hand painted & oiled by me
ready for the christmas market season
& they will go in my online shop as soon as i open it!!
 look amazing on a denim jacket
cute on a top
nice touch on a hat
sweet little gift idea
 i adore the black outline edging

 marching elephants ...
9 colour ways
chartreuse, grass, olive, plum, raspberry, pillar box, flame, sunny & oiled

Thursday, November 8, 2012

our riBer

 spent some lovely days at our riBer
time with friends
the river is warming up so
ski boat season is officially 'open'
bbq's were had
cards & wii games were played
some stitching was done
music was played
a spot of thrifty shopping!
... there was a skiing 'first' made
& someone else said "next time i'll get it!"
there were face plants & stacks
jelly arms & glassy water
aqueducts & channels were dug into the murray mud
wakes were jumped ... on land & water
a flat tyre was fixed
sore aching muscles ... but that adrenalin rush is worth it!
we love our cabin on the mighty murray river
& so thankful for friends to share it all with

Thursday, November 1, 2012

looking through the clear glass at the 100

above are a pair of recently thrifted
huge glass cookie jars ... 30cms+
found on separate occasions
& hail from different eras
i adore a bit of glass jar magic
i'm always on the hunt for this coloured variety!
 now pictured here above & below
are a wonderful haul ... given to me today!
thanks mum ....
i grew up with all these jars
they were the non-perishables storage system ...
... mum has just done a huge clean up pantry-wise
ohhh how Tupps modulars work a treat ... just look at all that extra space!!
 back to the jars ... this post is about the glass not the plastic!
they are retro
they are sentimental
the are in excellent condition
& they are destined for a certain art studio
sometime soon ....
lucky me hey!
now people .... this is the post .... 
what post you ask?
this post is my
record breaker!
it is post number 100 in a calendar year ...
its my 1st century not out
can you see me raise my cricket bat & acknowledge the crowd?
in 2009 there were 86 ....
in 2010 i wrote 78 .... 
less as it was the year we packed up our house, sold it 
& stored it all for a while after we thought we were moving continents!
in 2011 a there was total of 99 .... nearly got there
so this is the year of
new records!
hmmm ... so what else can i do??
oh & people ... i know you're out there reading
please please leave me a kind word or two
i'd love to hear from you!

ring a ring a robot

at our play group there is a 'must sing' for annabelle
ring a ring a rosie ...
took me so long to learn the complementary verses
jodie from ric-rac who is an amazing softie designer
posted last night & i just couldn't help but comment ....
love  her sense of humor & her work
does make me want to make some of these guys

.... fisher in the water
fisher in the sea
they all jump up with a one two three!

... cows are in the meadow
eating buttercups
a-tishoo a-tishoo we all jump up!

... robot in the rocket ship
robot in the sky
they all blast off with a one two fly!

well i made the last part up!! Yay
have a fun day
maybe we'll add this verse to it next week
& start a new world-wide trend!?
what do you guys think?