Friday, September 30, 2011

still call Australia home ...

 ... seems we have found a new friend!
little kookaburra has visited us a few times this week
Oscar & I decided to see how friendly s/he might be??
we offered gifts of bread, strawberries & chicken!
 all were considered by his majesty but none were accepted!
(but the hungry hungry maggies enjoyed the rewards later!)
 s/he is hanging about alot today .... maybe s/he would like to play cars with Oscar?
so that's our wildlife encounter for the week ...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sweet sugary family ...

last night we had over my cousin from Sydney
his gorgeous wife
& their 3 wonderful teenagers!
thanks for spending the evening with us!!
we had a great time ...
& there were sweet little treasures from their days' adventures
mmmm ... 
they were not required but they were certainly desired!
chocolates from KOKO Black in Melbourne's Historic Royal Arcade
as the French say & spell it ...
Macarons ... from the delightful La Belle Miette 
... in another famous favourite spot ... Hardware Lane
(FYI: Macaroons are something different!)
and packaged beautifully 
... for those who are into 'details' like I am!!
Hey Matthew - Oscar says Thankyou for playing 'trains' with me!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

13 & more than just lucky!

... today 13 years ago I changed my name 
& married a wonderful man greatest love
in front of family, friends & God ...
(all before digi cameras were common
... so hmmm one day I will get our 
Wedding photos converted .... ) 
so no pic of me all glamorous in white 
... but will southern France do?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

'the playful market' ... who played ...

 i know that the playful market was weeks ago now but i think its taken me this long to process all ... it was such a success & there was such an amazing positive energy on the day & that has since continued to snowball about ABC ... so many of the stall holders mentioned to me what a fun, happy, energetic, 'playful' market it was & what a delight it was to be involved ... 
i'd like to introduce to a few stall holders ...
if you contact them for any reason please let them know how you 
came to find out about them ...

so say "hi" to Nicole from
 lovely hand knitted very 'now' wearable accessories
cute cute cute & she is so lovely too!!
this is Katrina from 'Kreations by Katrina' 
& is a fellow T&T@T stall holder ...
love all her clever bag & purse sewn items & she is a wizz with crochet too!!!
meet Hollie and her fabulous 'ZZ Totz'
they are the cutest make & do kits for kids to put together
Hey Maureen (& Malcolm is there too somewhere!)
from the wonderful 'Butterfield Farm' in Emerald, Vic
love love their produce & friends of mine from T&T@T
oh & how delightful did all their daffodils smell!?
this is Natalie from
really fell in love with here quirky styling & ethical attitude
look her up - she is well worth the visit!!
Meet Helen from
...if you haven't met her elsewhere ??
i adore her dolls & other goodies
what a gorgeous display all her handmade pieces make!!
hey there Jackie ...
from 'Bliss'
i'm now the proud owner of a wrap skirt made by Jackie & I adore it!!!
its inspired me ... to make some clothes again ... one day!
(my skirt is actually at the time this pic was taken still hanging there can just see it!!! on the left end right next to Jackie ... dark denim with the red empty bird cage!!)
Bron a new friend from Ashburton Uniting
sews up a storm ... & she is so enthusiastic about life & stuff
& we decided we could hardly believe how similar we were in lots of ways!!
thanks for all your support Bron ...
meet the very talented Marg from 
i love Marg's quirky style ... very funky!!
thanks for coming along Marg ...
Megan & Vanessa
gorgeous wooden toys to learn & play with
fun fun fun @ the playful market!!
two of our awesome ABC crafty team selling up a storm!!
my good friend & artist Tiffany McBroom
who sold lots of her small paintings & cards
well done Tiff ...
hey there Will...!!! ...of
see her at some of Melbourne's markets!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

...I love you daddy!

have a happy day daddy ...
(Mosaic image by Oscar!)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

this little piggy went to the PLAYFUL market ...

 ....seriously ... at the ABC 'playful' market 
we had an Animal Farm that was FREE for all ... 
& the coolest little piggy came along too
he/she got their snout right in there ... fortunately we weren't at all precious about the so-called grassy area ... never quite survived the drought!
The animals brought an awesome sense of 'playfulness' to the market & was an excellent attraction for lots of families to come & visit to see what ABC is like ..
 I made something like 50m of party bunting to hang up around the place ... 
the trees were bare ... (now in a full snowy gorgeous spring bloom!) 
but we needed a little colour & a party feel as well ... was fun & easy & I have them for the next party ... & importantly the next market too!! 
Aretha & I loved getting this 'playful' market together & we have had such an amazing response to the event that we've had people wanting to host another before Christmas ... that actually isn't going to happen but we're looking at doing this 2 or 3 times in 2012!! Whoo hooo! We could not have made it all happen without the wonderful team of people behind us! Lots and lots of people contributed in some 'little' way but we also had quite a few people put in BIG time along side us to make it all work!!
Thankyou guys!
 there was face painting (hey Lucy!) & lucky dips 
& a quilting demonstration & fairy floss
& amazing food & great coffee 
& personal service 
& a fun, playful sausage sizzle
& 34 mostly handmade market stalls 
& a little Art display & live music 
& Marcella the clown & a kite making competition 
& the ABC cafe & 2nd hand books 
& kids activities & did I say great coffee?!
& the most amazing electric BUZZ of positive playful exciting energy about the place  .... ahhh my cup runneth over!
I walked about at one point taking photos & soaking in the feeling & talking to people some more .... just absorbing this thing that we'd dreamed up & I was awe struck by the energy that had snow-balled ... so wonderful ...
 'mate'... Lindsay & Kate worked hard .... 
they made 1 coffee every 1.5 mins
oh & Kate makes the most awesome hot chocs too!
(see Rebecca in the background? She makes an awesome saleswoman!)
 now these two .... Liz & Noelene I have known most of my life!
helped out with baking ... Noelene made the cutest little gingerbread people all done up in cello bags with sweet ribbons 
& all ... they are helping here with our ABC Cake Stall ...
... we had so many baked-goods donations that we didn't really have enough room!
The Cake stall alone turned over a grand! Seriously & they were excellent prices!
 here she is - the infamous Marcella ... balloon animals all over 
... very playful for a very playful day! You're a gem ...
 we had 4 'Best Offer' Auction items
all handmade & all gorgeous ...
This one above is one of the ABC Playgroup's contributions ..
a rainbow 'I Spy' quilt .... made by the Prayers & Squares Group
& was desperately wished for by quite a few!
 here's the lovely Di working on another 'I SPy' quilt  .... she having a chat with Alma
This is our Prayers & Squares Patchwork group at Church who make quilts for people we know of that need a little love & some prayers handed their way ...
the quilts they make are not 'quilted' but they are 'tied'
the ties are left long & un-tied until someone comes along to say a prayer & take a moment to give a personalised thought towards the recipient ... 
I truly wonderful project that has world-wide chapters (808)
it was our ABC P&Sq groups' 3rd anniversary the next day!
 ... Matthew & Cameron ... 
Tiger-rific sums it up I think!
... now these two are part of this amazing team
that worked really hard but had a tonne of fun in the Cafe ...
.. if you're wondering about the bandana?
well with our council permit to sell & make foods stuffs...
if you're preparing food then you have to wear a hair net or 
....a bandana over the top is much cooler hey!!
Kate & Issy ... you are sensational!
Kate helped me cut out & make these aprons ...
started at SAY one Monday ...
they all looked pretty cool ... even Joe had one on!
& the up-shot of Kate helping me make these aprons is that she is now inspired to buy herself a more modern sewing machine than her Grandma's goodie but an oldie ... & she's been sewing things! I think I was lucky to have them all returned!!!
Next time I will make fun ones for the Sizzle guys & others too ...

the 'playful' market was the biggest thing I have organised in a long time & was so worth it all! It was great fun & we know how to improve for 'next' time ... stay tuned so if you're in Melbourne & you missed out ... I will be letting you know when it is that we'll be doing it all again!
I will have another Market post following
that will give you a round up on all our amazing stall holders!!!