Friday, August 28, 2009

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fabric . . . did you know?

On a really windy afternoon . . .
I stole some time & headed
to the abundant
treasure trove
that is Gail B's . . .
to be found inside a ware house tile shop!
Yay more fabrics . . .
the trick is to walk in her front door with
a project in mind!
I did have . . . .
but still came away with other fabrics which
I love . . . yet to have a clear direction!

Don't I love those not-so-"clear" colours . . .
Great circles & graphics
& some girlie ones for some little T's

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I've been meaning to post
about these pieces for a while . . .
The heart panel my Mum made!
The day Oscar had his 1st Birthday Party
was the same Sunday we had
him dedicated at ABC
I hadn't long finished making his quilt
& some other pieces
& she asked to pinch some matching fabrics!
She did the words & date on her
new computerized machine
& turned it into his own
prayer mini quilt of sorts.
It has a heart & hand design like the
Shakers have been know to use!
"Hands to work, Hearts to God"
This wall panel I made & has his name on it
& there are little pockets to post things into!
Was my first attempt at Flying Geese too!
Oscar's cot quilt
He's our little star you know!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crochet Crazy

I grew up with a giant rainbow granny square blanket
that my mum made!
"Hey Mum where is that blanket?"
I've been busy making my own
giant granny square blanket

. . . & here's an up date!
I have 1 & a 1/2 balls of yarn to go
- so that's as big as I will make it!
I might add an edge in another colour
. . . yet to work that out!
But got to tell you all
about an Aussie blog I've found . . .
h London - she's a crochet queen!Sarah has a fabulous bright style
& her instructions are so clear!
So Sam & Katherine
. . . here you go, get your hooks out!
She's doing a 'block' of the month . . . so fun!
Thanks Sarah

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Visiting family in Philly & Friends in DC

Hot steamy summer days playing in the grass
& learning what goes up must come down!
A visit to the Nation's Capital . . .
walked miles & miles
about the memorials with great friends. Great fun!
Our own style of "Backyardians"!
Love, Love, Love swimming!

Austrian Snaps

Stayed in Igls . . . typical Austrian guest house,
mountain views, flower boxes,
a pristine landscape & more Schnitzel!

Looking back towards Obertraun, near Hallstatt
Stunning glacial valleys

Salzburg Castle . . .
viewed from every angle . . . perfect blue!

London snipets

Borough Market . . . where they film
"Market Kitchen"
& is a Jamie Oliver hang out!
No we didn't spot him
but we ate & saw lots of lovely food!
Ever had a Bubble & Squeak Roll?
. . . to die for . . . really, truly!

Greenwich time!
Telescopes, Mean time, Meridian,
East & West . . .

The London Eye . .
Perfect day . . . looked out over all of London
. . stunning!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Latest Block Swap

Hey . . . another swap well done everyone!
We missed you Louey!
Blocks above made by Lisa, Wendy S & Lizzie
Love them all!
This one below made by Jenn . . .
Thanks again Jenn for hosting us last night!
We love your flowers in the grass!
Was also wonderful to meet little Scarlet . . . 9 weeks & perfect skin!
Did you see the great big pile of blocks that are appearing!
We'll each soon have a quilt to go!

Come Feb 2010 we'll be looking at starting
another Swap so if anyone would like
to join in on the fun contact me!

Amanda Soule

I blog I love to checkup on time to time . . ."Soul Mama" aka - Amanda
I thought you too might like to look?
She's written these fab books which one day I will have my own little paws on!
I like her style, her philosophies & her get up & go!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So while we were away . . . a new boy welcomed into our world!
Well done Wendy & Dale!
Welcome to life little Alex

Green . . . . & not so Green!

We love the colour green . . . did you guess?
Here we are sitting at lunch
at the top of the Salzburg Castle . . .
Really hot day . . . thirsty work this touring business!

(those T shirts were not deliberately planned to coordinate!)
Our little traveler . . . going in style!
Not so 'green' when it comes to plane rides . . .