Wednesday, October 9, 2013

shape up

yes its been about 'shape'
& 'colour' is always there too
mmm dropped my bundle with Blogtober
oh well ... i'm here & i've been busy
you can check some of it out over here
yep its term 4 & my classes started this week yay!

had a spare chunk of time on saturday just gone
so headed into Finders Keepers
with a crafty mate .... do you know i'd actually never been
now how is that possible?? & neither had she
really did think i'd just peruse & enjoy the visual feast
but i found gold that just 'had' to come home with
clearly these were earings made specially for the art teacher!
made by melbourne girls stacey & sarah
after a good look & walking by
we walked by again & i couldn't go on past
love your work girls
 oh & because my 'little smARTy's studio' is
completely & utterly top-of-mind ... in case you hadn't noticed!?
going in the studio of course
because yes - it may well have been all about
'shape' this week but 
that sneaky passion for colour is always there!
and oh yes
how something so sweet does make me smile
thankyou lovely creative people!
even better that it's made in melbourne hey!!

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