Sunday, October 13, 2013

global sew-in for Days for Girls

friday just gone was the
international day of the girl child
so we're talking about about half our world's
population that either is one or was one once .... a girl child
you 'need' to go & browse on this web site
if you haven't already?
 sew .... on friday
and-so-i-sew & i got a whole lot 
of sewing & non-sewing friends together
& we sewed, turned, traced, pressed, stitched,
over locked, trimmed, basted, flipped etc
& ate chocolate cake!

it was our goal to make
40 kits
in each washable Days for Girls kit there are:
2 shields (x40=80), 8 liners (x40=320), a pair of under pants (sizes 10,12,14or 16)
a face washer, a hotel sized soap bar, 2 one gallon Ziploc freezer bags,
pictorial instructions .... all in a drawstring bag
these kits are designed to last up to 3 years with proper care

Every girl. Everywhere. Period.

a liner is tucked into a shield, which is 'snapped' around the under pants
hope no one is shy here? ... 
guess those people have stopped reading this post before now!?
.... all about providing girls with re-useable hygiene kits for their period 
.... which in turn will mean they attend more school 
that hopefully means they stay in school longer 
& understand their value to not be exploited 
& how to maintain better feminine hygiene 

why do i feel strongly about this being a 'great need' & a 'worthy cause'
probably because of that proverb about a fish
... mentioned back here
 but there's more to it than that even
i'm the mother of a boy whom within i am aiming
to foster a deep empathy for others
a world view of the great divide between have & have-nots
an attitude of equality
respect for all peoples
and a great respect for women & girls
that he might grow to become a well-rounded young man
who might just move his own mountains
i believe that many of our world's 'issues' lie
in the greed & addictions of humans
if i can teach my own son & encourage others to do the same
then maybe just maybe we might get somewhere?
that's not to say that there aren't plenty of 'good eggs' out there
when we come to consider our current adult male population
not saying that but for all of history  ..... well, its been
in most cases the guys who have been the oppressors ...
i'd like to see more women & girls standing up for themselves
& their companions on this journey of life
stand up ladies (&men too!).... it may just be the case that if you do
someone else will stand beside you & when you turn around
suddenly there will be a whole host standing with you
lets be brave
we all have a mountain to move
& it starts with us .... & a little help from above

i know these are vast sweeping generalizations
& some simplistic views but ... 
well this is my blog & i can say what i wish to ...
you may not agree but well .... i hope you do!?
lots of the people who came on friday to sew
are the mothers of girls ....
and-so-i-sew & i have been thinking that
we'd like to teach & inspire lots and lots more
people to help Days for Girls reach their goal
the goal that by 2022 every girl worldwide will have
access to safe & affordable sanitary options
this is so simple but i can see the impact that it would have
on just one girl so imagine????

would you like to help?
let me know ....

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