Thursday, October 17, 2013

full circle - Hope: in unlikely places

 so here is all the info
if you are remotely creative
or crafty
or arty
this is for YOU ....
the theme for this full circle is:
HOPE: in unlikely places

.... now this of course could lead into the idea
that this exhibition will be hung over advent but
really its all up to the individual's interpretation

so a circle
of some form
its really that simple

we've had plants & text & music
& collage & patchwork
& stencil printing & painting
& drawing & silk inks
& screen printing
& plaster & stitching
& photography & felting
& construction & crochet
..... anything goes
I keep saying ...
"its really not about talent
its about joining in"
so come on & join in!!

the below piece was made by the lovely Maryanne
who lives in Sydney ..... see you do not need to be local!
titled: "Paper weights"
this is a personal favourite of mine
& i thought it might suggest something of 
the theme this time ....

perfectly timed so that from right now you have 
5 weeks
now that is plenty of time
so go on & get those creative juices flowing
if you'd like more info
or to have me email you this flyer
as a PDF i'm happy to oblige
if you'd like to join in & help us tell the world then go for it
blog chat write
join us on facebook too!! & share ...

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