Wednesday, October 2, 2013

light & colour

that moment when
the switch is flicked
and the 'light' goes on

i love that a-ha moment on a child's face
or anyone's for that matter
oh & i might have chosen a style icon
replicas they might be
Aero pendant lights x3
adore them
when i chose them a while back
i very nearly did colour but ....
i'm glad on this occasion i went for white
the tones are lovely & the lighting is crisp
but did you know
light is colour  .... yep - its that light spectrum thing
right underneath these pendants is of course
where all the action happens
some lovely little artists in the studio today
i've had a long love affair with matisse
& his cut outs ...
no lines... just cut

 oh & a spontaneous 'can i paint now'
5 mins before we should have been walking out the door
.... yes of course you can!!
"its a river with a face
i love the colours mum"
nice to have these moments in the studio with my boy
i'm hoping he will love being in there
i think he will .... 


Karen said...

He will see the joy join your face when you are in there and won't be able to resist. I don't mind a bit of replica love, they are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

And I have the 'river with a face' proudly on my fridge, thanks O! xx