Thursday, October 24, 2013

blogtober ...ooops?

 so on the surface
it does look like i've dropped the blogtober ball
kind of yes .... as in this makes post number 11 out of 24
mmmm not good stats huh!?
 i'm not one for excusing away all my life choices
can't stand that
but i have my reasons
i do write two blogs these days
right here and over here at little smARTy's
so 11 posts here plus another 5 over there 
makes the stats slightly better for blogtober
 oh & i've been starting up a small business
just mentioning that in case you missed it!?
teaching art in some form everyday!
loving it
meet the rainbow jelly babies

 and then there's social media
on which i now manage 4 pages
& i've picked up my pintrest-ing
& have been told that instagram is it @littlesmartysstudio
& been sprouking myself where its the right fit
so yep .... think i'm doing just fine
 add to the list
a market visit
exhibition dreaming
our playful market organising
our girls weekend away
being mum & wife & friend ....
there's a yard sale looming
a fair to bake for
i love having a full enriched life
no lemons on me right now!
my cup runneth over
so maybe my blogtober is more of flogtober or what-tober?
bad pun i know but its kinda true
forgive me .... who else will tell them if i don't hey!?

1 comment:

Karen said...

So what was the excuse for the lack of posts - clearly it's not been very busy??!! I too have not done well - it's a bit of a Floptober for me...!