Thursday, October 10, 2013

over the threshold

its happening
art classes for kids
small groups
my ideas & my own terms
giving children the chance to explore
 perfectly raw first experiences
to know that there are no mistakes, but happy accidents
that there is a language of the visual
making my mark on the minds of little people
what a huge honor
thankyou to the parents who are letting me
'in' on the worlds of their little people
its been a dream come true
pinch pinch .... it really is true
thank you also for all the amazing feed-back
so wonderful to hear there has been an impact made already
 not sewn or painted anything for me lately
but i'll get back to that soon
its been a fabulous first week
enJOYing my journey


Karen said...

Congratulations!! What a week.
Looking forward to the 'last one' being able to join in tomorrow, so nice to have her asking when an event is coming up because she's looking forward to it so much - and not having to drag her along!!

Cath said...

So happy for you Wendy!!! Looking forward to following