Tuesday, October 15, 2013

colourful crafty hijinks

weeks have sailed by
and i haven't mentioned
some crafty hijinks
hosted by Jodie & Gilly
in the sweet victorian country town
of ballarat ....
day trip with Karen & Bron
met up with a host of bloggers
lots of whom are quickly becoming great friends
that's the thing about blogging & reading blogs
there may not be a lot of time spent face to face
but when you do catch up you feel like
you're 'up with' what's been going on
most especially what's been in the 'making'
it feels a bit odd at first actually
but its good, very good

was the most excellent adventure
for a spot of indoor picnic-ing ....
chatted with Lara & Bec & Nicole & Breanna & Cam
& Cathie & met lots of lovely new faces
& we missed you Anna!

there were door prizes & raffles 
& all the performance of a stage-full of pass-it-on-crafty-goodies
took stuff
came home with new stuff
good stuff too!
thank you for sharing people

oh & there were some quick little workshops too
Jodie chatted about rag rug making
Bec ran us through hexies
& me .... little hands on workshop & chat
about using colour 
& being
with colour on colour
tried to encourage everyone to choose the interesting road
suggested 3 colour combo 'recipes'
1 - choose any three colours all in a row 
from the colour wheel
2 - choose opposite colour on the colour wheel
complementary colours
3 - look at nature
the world we live in just never gets it 'wrong'
.... and of course
i always like to 'tweak it' 
.... add a little colour on a small scale that's subtle 
yet powerful to contrast it all
thanks for a fabulous day everyone
looking forward to another

always a great day when you connect with other crafty/arty types
speaking of connecting
if you're reading here
i always love your comments
its just 'nice' to know who you are & ...
well .... connect! xo

1 comment:

Karen said...

What a fabulous summation of the day, you're right it does feel strange but lovely all the same to 'know' people who are not known to you.