Thursday, October 3, 2013

open doors::2

 i'd like to just say ditto
but really 12 months on & i have been brave
& had the opportunity to open that studio door
you've probably noticed!
 but there are some other doors
that are opening simultaneously
& its a bit confusing as to what is the 'right' fit
there will be some clarity
& i will work out how it all fits together

 but in the meantime my mind is a-buzz
with ideas & possibilities
what doors are you knocking on right now?
go on be brave ....
all the above pics were taken on our recent
travels in ireland & england


Lin said...

I, too, love doors. I didn't realize it until I looked through the pictures on my camera, everywhere we went, I had taken pics of a great door. I think they symbolize the possibilities in life, and the more interesting the door, the more interesting the possibility.

Annie said...

Love that little fox!

Karen said...

You have opened, and are venturing through, a very big door. It's a brave move and an exciting one - and it will be amazing.
That door that O and C are in front of is amazing!