Wednesday, October 16, 2013

full circle .... around again

last year's huge success
of our first
full circle 
left me in awe of the way as humans
sometimes we just need the prompt or the avenue
to express ourselves
& really ..... we should have the confidence to do this always

visual statements
in the form of a ... yes .... a circle
the theme was simple
"full circle"

we had 67 entries
multi aged & a good mix of gender
from all over, including interstate
many were for sale
it was wonderful to walk through
a delight to be part of

every full circle art work was carefully photographed
& keren created a book of memories & prayers
every full circle piece .... a stunning collection

here it is ... some of my favourite pages
and guess what!??
its happening again & you can be part of it
do join in ....  

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