Friday, July 12, 2013

sewing for me

a long time back i used to make myself clothes all the time
but somewhere along the line 
i talked myself out of it ...
the overlocker i used to own was a bit fickle ... &
started saying it was easier & cheaper to just buy them!
i guess that is true with some things but depends what you're looking for?
i'm a big fan of re-using & so have plenty of great second hand finds
sometimes i'd prefer it new or just 'right'
or something quirky
or a certain colour or look perhaps??
now having my new 'toy'
i've been having a great time lately sewing for me again! yay
the hardest part is remembering to grab someone to take a pic while 
i'm wearing what i've made so that i can show you!
 here's another 'nikki a-line skirt' to show you
lighter weight fabric with the oranges & greens i love
it 'works' with my ankle boots & layers
& its wasn't at all expensive to make
as it was a rathdowne remnants actual remnant
& the best bit .... the satisfying feeling of it being
handmade by me
oh & i've been re-considering lots of my long-time
stashed fabrics .... some i have plans for once again
& some .... i've moved past
so i've been de-stashing yep!!
as in selling it to someone who see it differently to me!
win win
joining in
make it wear it


ARTwendy ... said...

Rachel says: "Loving the skirt!! Love the fabric"

Olga (Kid Approved) said...

The skirt looks great!

rachelmp said...

Looks so cute! Great make

Teresa said...

Your skirt looks great. I truly love sewing for myself...sometimes I get a little too selfish with my sewing!

Kylie P. said...

The skirt looks great