Monday, July 15, 2013

heART a craft :: vintage dresser

"heART a craft"
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.7

 i've always loved a vintage dresser
you know, a kitchen cabinet
the ones that right up until the 1950's ...
housed everything you needed in your kitchen
before the days of formica & permanently fitted units
no caesar stone, kickers or soft closing drawers
they held all the crockery & utensils
as well as food stapels & even the perishables
sometimes they even had the 'meat safe' buit-in!
'meat safe' .... back in those 'olden days'
what is a 'meat safe' you ask?
cute video that tells you all about one of our great Aussie inventions!
so i've been hunting on ebay for ages
looking for just the right
vintage kitchen dresser to put in my new studio
i was looking for one with great character of course!
little compartments & drawers
was keen for one that had an access space
yep found it .... bid & won yay!!
perfect proportion, size & function
this is it - although i do quite like all of the above as well!
the blue is of course all 'just the wrong' fit for me
but that's only paint & paint i can 'do'!
i really love it & i know where its going
& its waiting sitting patiently for the big move
stay tuned for a revamp & styling update at some stage!!


nicole said...

oh my goodness, it's gorgeous wendy! can't wait to see it when you're done with it!

Monique Willis said...

looks like you've got an older one there Wendy. Looks like an Edwardian dresser...mighty heavy piece right?
Great find though!