Sunday, July 7, 2013

P52 :: Wk1

project 52
weekly fashion challenge
well .... it was all about
making a 'geometric' top
i had some grand ideas
you know .... the week has turned out 
to be rather full ....
so i just went for simple to start with
a geometric fabric
that i have hoarded from a
trip to china
to what was an isolated village
in the moutains ... guilin
i remember the shop .... piled high 
with the most amazing fabrics
all so long ago now
not sure i've done the fabric justice really
or do the pics help any
its late & dark
& when i look at these pics
i feel like i'm wearing a nurses uniform
but in reality it feels ok
i'll style it up with some chunky beads & a layered top
.... i'll be back sometime with an edit to this post perhaps!!

i actually love this pattern
its the Lisette Portfolio Dress Pattern
the tunic short top version
i've made it as the dress & love it
yeah .... i'll post about that one soon-ish
wishing sooo sooooo much that i had done the contrast
i originally planned

oh & do you like the paint still on my hand
yep - been busy today
church & lunch & the hottie challenge gala event
& painting walls in the studio
& then sewing for this P52 ...


Karen said...

I noticed those painted hands!! Can't believe you've had this fabric so long, it's really lovely. Yep, if you're not feeling the love accessories are the key, I think it will be great.
Well done for getting it done!

Nicole Herrick said...
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Nicole Herrick said...

Love that you blogged about making this top!