Monday, July 1, 2013

heART a craft :: stitches

"heART a craft"
a collection of favourite images & ideas
collection no.6
think what i love mostly
is the amazing texture they create
machine or by hand
nothing like running that kind of
embellished fabric through your fingers
time spent creating
... something beautiful & tactile
above: pinned .... 
amazing thread hey!
lots of little crosses ..... + + + +
from my brooch collection - Brielle and I share this one made from old Chinese silk. 
this sweet birdie brooch
was made by a friend of mine ... hey Monique
she's very clever & uses vintage embrioderies
beautiful huh!
Lego sewing machine! ^_^  My daughter will love this!
oh & this one .... what a great lego make!
oh & some little stitches by me
working on something
i'll show you when i'm finished hey .... xo

so there you have it .... a few stitchy images to warm the soul

1 comment:

Karen said...

Love how using a variegated thread (or is it multiple strands??) in that first image makes it look so colourful and complex.
I want me a Lego sewing machine!!