Monday, July 8, 2013

P52 :: Wk1 (take2)

 ok so i really wasn't happy with my
entry for week 1 of Project 52 Weekly Fashion Challenge
it didn't have the creative edge that was part of the challenge
& that wasn't a good fit for me!
but that was yesterday ....
but today the lovely nicole decided to extend the deadline
 well if you know me & there is still time left ... i will do something!
so one of my original ideas was to
kind of create my own geometric fabric
by layering some jersey knits
News Flash
i was the runner up

 i had thought i'd do something with a carefully mapped out
grid but ..... well short on time .... again
& the thought was to just eye ball it
not a grid but i did sew lots of angled straight lines
& they do add up to a geometric grouping!!

i cut the pattern out .... twice
two different colours for the front & back
then i sewed the two layers together with all these criss-crossing lines
 then there was the cutting
this actually took the most time
pinching up the top layer & cutting
its all a bit raw edged but i figure with a wash it will curl up
i don't mind a deconstructed look
 pieced together
pattern is Seafarer T shirt by
this is my 'take two'
its got that 'creative' input that was missing
happy now!!
(ps ..... chopping away did feel a little year 9 garment-construction-class-ish!!)


Karen said...

I LOVE this, this is much more 'you' than the last one fabulous!

ARTwendy ... said...

Sam says: "OMG I LOVE IT!!! Love the colours, love the geo design and i love the pattern!! i love that the arms are 80'sish, its my dream come true! i have to make one!!!!! LOVE IT!!! it really looks GREAT!!!!!!!! Well done!"