Sunday, July 14, 2013

P52 :: Wk2

a women's work wear look
for a SAHM
who chats on skype
.... well that's kind of me but the whole skype thing is yet to take off!
but i am a blogger .... 
& an artist
so i thought i'd give myself a challenge
& do something very very quirky to match
if you've been following along lately
i've not long been back into sewing clothes for myself

so what does every SAHM need
= because that is so easy to throw on over a top & looks glam
and some SHORT SHORTS ....
= because every girl needs to be just a little cheeky at times!!
( i love this look ..... just ignore my weird expression!)
 been longing to make myself a cape since
i saw this lady's clever versions ...
but i was keen on a hood
so found a fab pattern by Andrea Pannell
i made the medium size in the petite length
cute with great swing
love the way the fabric feels, its weight & movement 
drapes really nicely
a recent fabulous bulk lot find
proved fruitful this week .... with a truly great 
warwick micro suede fabric
just perfect for a cape .... a colour i love & feel good in
paired it with a long time hoarded hope valley
denyse schmidt cotton
i really really love how it has turned out
i know i will wear this lots
 now i have to tell you that i was amazed at how simple this was to sew
but it was definately something new for me
fabric i'd not sewn with before 
not really sewn alot with linings
a button .... what? i don't usually 'do' buttons 
but this one is more like an accessory!
i will make another cape again for sure!!
 so now a massive step up with the 
degree of difficulty
yep it was up there with these 
short shorts
seriously felt like i had bitten off way more than i could chew at one point
whilst there are a number of mistakes i'm still pretty pleased with the result
changed the pattern up a bit with showing the lining fabric as a feature instead
my first ever time sewing a fly .... i really really studied those instructions
yep they are short aren't they ...
i was dressing the look 'up' here 
.... got to do that when you're getting ready to skype hey!
if you know me you'll know that this kind of quirky is so 'me'
really enjoying being creative with my sewing at the moment
i am an art teacher & this whole look is just right
might wear more durable opaque tights with these shorts for real however!
but i don't mind a shorts look with tights & boots
 oh & i hope you noticed the extra 'styling'
as that was part of the brief hey?
those bangles ... up cycled some by cutting long fabric strips
from both the ds hope valley lining fabrics
bit of wellbond glue wind them up
& leave to dry
worn with a renfrew top in a silky bronze that i made up
a few weeks ago ...
pretty pleased i can put together a look that is all made by me!!


thornberry said...

Wendy, your outfit is positively fab! I especially love those cheeky short shorts (and am drooling over that Hope Valley cape lining)...

thornberry said...

Wendy, your outfit is positively fab! Especially love those short shorts - and am drooling over the beautiful lining of your cape.