Sunday, July 21, 2013

party like a parrot & be a cool cat

yes the animals all partied!
there was puppy popcorn & hot dogs
dog biscuits
and pin-the-bow-on-the-kitty-cat
doggy bingo
cat cookies
musical critters
& puppy cake pops
oh & the most stunning rainbow pets paradise 
birthday cake!!
well done super mum!!
all to celebrate a young lady's 5th Birthday
hope you had a fabulous day Miss G & we're so glad you love 'Jess'
it was dress up time of course...
process went something like this:
me: "What would you like to dress up as Oscar?"
O: "a dog"
me: "excellent .....
so we go shopping for a hoodie for my usual costume conversion trick!
was thinking a 'dog' type colour
hmmm .... boys colours are so boring!
so we scanned the girls' section ....
the choice was made - turquoise
me: "Oscar, are you sure you would like to be a 'green' dog?"
O: "Yes I want to be green!"
me: "ok then .... " nothing like a challenge!
later ..... me: "how about being a green frog?"
O: "No, I don't like frogs!"
later .....
me: "How about being a green bird??" 
O: " ooooh yes I want to be a green PARROT!"
me: " awesome!!" 
(thought to myself ... whew! 
... worked out it was just all about being green!
have i brainwashed my child???)
so set about collecting as many green, aqua & turquoise 
fabric scraps
 cut a few 'feather' shapes & a couple of wings & tail
randomly placed & pinned & stitched rows of 'feathers'

 sliced the hoodie in the appropriate places
have got to mention that the inside out, right sides facing
encasing wings thing was actually a little tricky
but it worked yay!
sew in wings & tail feather
add a few details, a beak & eyes

go on .... fly little green parrot, be free!
and party like its 1999
shake that tail feather

he loved it!& i love it .....
what a fabulous party
lovely time in our 'village'


Karen said...

You truly are amazing - I love this - definitely costume of the day, without a doubt.
Thanks for all your help today and for that completely amazing " kitty for pin the bow".

Cath said...

That is one super awesome parrot design!!